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 From: Pete Sass
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 Pete Sass
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Subject: Apps versus EXE
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Version: Visual FoxPro 5 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2003 3:49:13 AM         

I may be totally wrong here in my ideas... but apps are meant for those users that have the VFP
development language installed on their computers. An exe with the VFP runtime libraries will
run without the extra purchase of the VFP devlopment language.

Selection of the Type of Build
Before you can distribute your application, you must build an application file with an .app extension, an executable file with an .exe extension, or a COM component (automation server) with a .dll extension.

When you choose the type of build, consider the size of your final application file and whether your users own Visual FoxPro. The following table lists the differences between the types of builds.

Build type Characteristics
Application (.app) file Typically smaller than an .exe file (10K to 15K).
Executable (.exe) file Application includes the Visual FoxPro loader so users don't need to own Visual FoxPro. You must provide the two support files Vfp8r.dll and Vfp8renu.dll (EN denotes the English version). These files must be placed in the same directory as the executable file or along the MS-DOS path. See BUILD EXE Command for details about creating and distributing executables.
COM Server (.dll) files Used to create a file that can be called by other applications. In Visual FoxPro you can create two types of COM server (.dll - formerly, OLE) files. You must provide runtime support files including Vfp8r.dll, Vfp8t.dll and Vfp8renu.dll. For details, see Adding OLE Objects to Applications.

Some VFP commands are not supported from within a true exe such as "Create Reports"
but are supported within an apps.

So let me give you a real world example:
Let say I have 4-5 super users in my company that I have trained on VFP report writing. I get a legal
copy of VFP development environment for them. On their computer I install an .app and provide
an option to create and fiddle with report creation and save them to a network drive.
Other users, who are just that "users" have the executable. They can in their exe pick the report
and run it, but their exe does not have the create report option.

Are you starting to get the drift ???

In situations like this you can greatly reduce the load on the IT department via super-user
training which is a key thrust of mine. I am a system analyst, but spend probably 30% of
my time on end user training, focused at super-users. This not only involves band report
writing skills, but SQL extractions and data mining as well.

I now have probably in a base of 300 employees, 8-10 that are as capable as I am of creating
reports and using SQL to extract corporate data. If you think this is easy it is not, but then
the end result is very rewarding. This took almost 2 years of work to bring this along.
But can you believe it, thought I was an expert, got super-users now that I call to ask questions
on how and where to obtain data... wow ! They live with it every day, I do not.

Pete from the Great White North. (Only in Canada, ay.) Over and Out ...


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