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 From: Jamie Osborn
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 Jamie Osborn
 To: Joriveek Joriveek
  Where is Joriveek Joriveek?
 Joriveek Joriveek
Subject: RE: Better Look!
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Version: Not Applicable Category: Foxite: feedback
Date: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 9:11:40 PM         

> Hi,
> We, a moderately big team working on Visual FoxPro for a couple of years and no doubt that FOXITE.COM is bringing all the developers together and of a great help. We appreciate your effort putting on maintaing the site. At the same time, when someone log on to this site for the first time, they will get a feeling that the appearance of the site is very old. Why can't we put this topic on discussion and get the feed back from the Users and make the site more eligant!
> Of course, I know that it's not priority compare to running the site online. It's just a suggestion and can be done with the help of all the users of this portal!
> J.

If more modern look means incorporating Flash and having the whole thing inside a smaller window etc. forget it. A site like this needs to be simple and as quick as possible. It looks great to me.



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