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 From: Benny Thomas
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 Benny Thomas
Subject: Cannot view prg/txt file
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 4:48:58 PM         

I am using VFP 6. Earlier I had Windows ME English. Recently I had some problem with Windows and had to reinstall. I installed Windows ME Arabic enabled version. After that I am unable to see the contant of PRG files, Text files, and even codes associated with controls on form. When I say MODI COMMAND Myprogfile (myprogfile is already existing) I see a blank windows. Howeverif select font from the format menu it works. Under the font name in the format dialog, there is one item "Script". This is by default shown as Western. If I change this to anything else (eg. Arabic or Hebrew) all the contents of Myprogfile is visible. However, it is not easy to change the font for every file in project.

Is there any permanent solution for this?

Just for infomration, I reinstalled Windows again, and also VFP6, but result is the same.

Thanks for advice.

Benny Thomas


Cannot view prg/txt file Posted by Benny Thomas @ 4/1/2003 4:48:58 PM
RE: Cannot view prg/txt file Posted by Paul Brown @ 4/2/2003 11:45:43 AM