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 From: Chris Van de Velde
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 Chris Van de Velde
 To: Eric den Doop
  Where is Eric den Doop?
 Eric den Doop
Subject: RE: Connection string & decompiler
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Version: Visual FoxPro 7 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Saturday, April 19, 2003 1:20:43 AM         

> > I have written an application, ready to sell, but this is connection to a MySQL database for logging in.
> > I know of the existance of REFOX (probably other decompilers to), probably using these it is not hard to find the connection string to hack the databse. Is it therefore possible to hide the connection string somewhere so that it is hard (or impossible) to find?
> > Is it possible to be protected against a decompiler (seeing machine code or assembly does not disturb me, but a high-level programing does)? I do know that there is no 100% protection against hacking!
> > Chris Van de Velde
If the program can be decompiled to hack it, the decrypt module can be seen to, meaning a lot of work to gain nothing at all?
> What about using an encrypted connection string in your code? You can decrypt the string at runtime.
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> Eric den Doop
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Chris Van de Velde