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 From: Káldeus
Subject: Copy an entire directory
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Win32API programming
Date: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 9:49:38 PM         

Hi all,

All I want is to copy an entire directory with it's subfolders from one drive to another. No compression needed, just an exact copy. Because of large amount of files, the copy process may last couple of hours.
Is there any way to write a VFP code to do this? As I plan the program will fire at the evening and shut down the computer after the job has been done.
My question:
1. How to issue the copy process incl. subfolders?
2. How to get information the copy process is still running (e.g. there is no need to shut down the computer yet)?

TIA, Káldeus


Copy an entire directory Posted by Káldeus @ 4/2/2003 9:49:38 PM
RE: Copy an entire directory Posted by Yuri Rubinov @ 4/2/2003 10:09:47 PM
OK Yuri, thank you! Posted by Káldeus @ 4/4/2003 8:58:54 AM