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 From: Bill von Valtier
 Bill von Valtier
 To: Boudewijn Lutgerink
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 Hoonaardstraat, Driel
 Boudewijn Lutgerink
Subject: RE: DblClick fires Click
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2003 6:32:04 PM         

> > Hello friends,
> >
> > If I put code into both the Click and the DblClick events of a control, when DblClick is done, the Click fires first (obviously because it's the first of two clicks, and it gets there first) preempting the DblClick. Commenting-out the Click event code allows the DblClick to fire. Changing the _DoubleClick system variable seems to make no difference.
> >
> > Is this by design (? maybe we're not supposed to use both in any one control?) or am I missing something?
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > BillvV
> > Rochester, Michigan
> See this as basic windowsbehavior.
> If you click on a control you select it and nothing happens. Dblclick on it and some action occurs.
> Therefore your finding that click and dblclick should not have event code in one control is right.
> This is one area where VFP8 shines with the bindevent() function in combination with unbindevents().
> Assume this:
> A form with a textbox and checkbox.
> When you click on the textbox you want something to happen.
> When you select a checkbox, you want the dblclick to react that way.
> In the init of the textbox place this code:
> BINDEVENT( this, "click", thisform, "clickme")

> In the click event from the checkbox place this code.
> IF this.Value
> 	this.Caption = "DblClick"
> 	UNBINDEVENTS( thisform.text1,"click",thisform,"clickme")
> 	BINDEVENT( thisform.text1,"dblclick",thisform,"clickme")
> 	this.Caption = "Click"
> 	UNBINDEVENT( thisform.text1,"dblclick",thisform,"clickme")
> 	BINDEVENT( thisform.text1,"click",thisform,"clickme")

> The form has one method "Clickme"
> The high tech code there is:
> wait window nowait "Aw, you hit me hard... that hurts!!!"

> When checked the click event is unbind and the dblclick is bound to that method.
> When unchecked the click is bound to the method and the dblclick is unbound.
> for those who want to see that code click here to download the file.
> Boudewijn LutgeĀ®ink
> Boudewijn.Lutgerink@foxite.com
> Experience is the knowledge you get immediately AFTER you actually needed it...

Thanks BL,

The fact that Click & DblClick aren't intended to be used together on the same control is what I needed to know so I could quit bashing my head against the brick wall.

There are plenty of other brick walls available for me, so I don't need to waste my time on this one!!



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