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 From: Vijayendran
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Subject: Display data in Edit Box
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Version: Visual FoxPro 5 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 1:40:57 PM         

I have a list box which has to display data. The code is as follows:

Local msele
msele =''

Msele = " SELECT Poschedule.schno, Poschedule.stdate, Poschedule.endate,Poschedule.schqty, Poschedule.schqty-Poschedule.accqty"
Msele = Msele +" FROM gears!poschedule WHERE Poschedule.pono = mrefkey1 AND Poschedule.partno = mpartno AND Poschedule.stagecode = mstagecode"
Msele = Msele +" AND Poschedule.podate = mrefkey2 AND Poschedule.poref = mreftype AND Poschedule.grinno=0"
Msele = Msele +" AND (month(poschedule.podate) = month(date()) OR (((Poschedule.schqty+Poschedule.rejqty-Poschedule.accqty) >0"
Msele = Msele +" AND poschedule.stdate < date()))) INTO CURSOR poschlist"

This.rowsource = msele


Here anything declared with m as the starting is a variable declared in the form. My problem is the data is not getting displayed. Can anybody help me?

Vijayendran S


Display data in Edit Box Posted by Vijayendran @ 4/29/2003 1:40:57 PM
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