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 From: Russell Hill
  Where is Russell Hill?
 Russell Hill
 To: Paul Brown
 Paul Brown
Subject: RE: Display status
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 5:38:11 AM         


Thanks for that - the display status to file is just what I need.

How are things in York? Any flooding lately?

I lived in Fulford Rd for almost 3 years up until June 2001 whilst studying at the university.

Would kill a pint in The Hansom Cab!



> >
> > Hi all.
> >
> > On trying to debug an application I'm using DISP STAT and for some reason this is not being displayed.
> >
> > I've tried releasing the current form as well as CLEAR and still the display status does not work.
> >
> > Is there either a way around this or another method for me to determine the names of all the open areas, tables, indexes and keys?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Russell.
> Russell
> No reason why it shouldn't work. Try displaying it to a file and see if that helps (DISPLAY STATUS TO FILE stat.txt NOCONSOLE)
> Paul


Display status Posted by Russell Hill @ 4/11/2003 10:51:51 AM
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