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 From: Rene Relucio
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 Quezon City
 Rene Relucio
 To: Armin Kaminsky
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 Armin Kaminsky
Subject: RE: Empty Field
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Version: FoxPro 2.x for Windows Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2003 9:01:25 AM         

> Hi
> Need HELP
> Have say 2 Datbases and the second one has some empty records that need filling
> So I am trying to replace ONLY the the empty ones with the records from the first
> But, like always it's not working.
> Where am I messing up?
> REPLACE TSN3.dis_yards01 WITH ;
> IIF (EMPTY(TSN3.dis_yards01),TSN1.distance, TSN3.TSN3.dis_yards01);
> All
> Sure would like some feed-back

REPLACE TSN3.dis_yards01 WITH ;
TSN1.distance for EMPTY(TSN3.dis_yards01)

REPLACE TSN3.dis_yards01 WITH ;
TSN3.TSN3.dis_yards01 for NOT EMPTY(TSN3.dis_yards01)

- Edison Nuguid, Phil.
> Thank You
> Armin


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