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 From: Craig Moore
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 Craig Moore
 To: Vijayendran
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Subject: RE: Form
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Version: Visual FoxPro 5 Category: Forms
Date: Friday, April 11, 2003 3:36:57 PM         

It depends, is the grid just to view data or do you need to edit it, if it is just for viewing data then I would use an sql statement as the control source for the grid this way you can use the where clause to filter the data, if you need to change, add and update data then I would probably use an updatable view again using a parameter to filter the data.

> I have a form with two option buttons - one button for "MOS VENDOR" and another for "OE VENDOR" . Onclick of "MOS VENDOR" option button the combo box should be filtered based on the type of vendor. From the filtered combo the data in the grid has to be filtered in accordance to the type of vendor. Can anyone help me.
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