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Subject: RE: how to make the viewport larger???
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Forms
Date: Friday, April 18, 2003 8:11:13 AM         

> I'm trying to create forms to view my database. Visual FoxPro shows my forms inside a container with a teeny-weeny viewport that doesn't allow me to see the entire form at once. The viewport dimensions are read-only, and I can't find a way to enlarge it. Two questions: (1) What is the POINT of this container and viewport, and (2) HOW DO I MAKE THE VIEWPORT LARGER???? Please help.

It seems that your screen settings are larger than the VFP default setting (640X480 pixels).
In order to change these setting go to your Tools menu, select Options, and then click the Forms tab in which you will find something called MAXIMUM DESIGN AREA change it to whatever your screen setting is, then press Set As Default button in order to save it for your next time VFP running, and finally press OK button.
and that's it.
Khalil Shaddad (Lebanon)


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