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 From: BZ Dusk
 BZ Dusk
 To: bart nifrabar
 bart nifrabar
Subject: RE: how to zoom a report programmaticly
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Reports and Printers
Date: Saturday, April 26, 2003 6:54:38 PM         

> Hi to all !
> I have created a report in a custom window.
> There seems to be a bug in VFP version 6. Once I preview the report in my custom window the report pops up as usual. That means showing left-upper corner. Than when clicking in the report it zooms but....... The report originaly on the screen is still visble in the margins of the zoomed report. So giving an ugly preview clicking twice in the preview so zoom out and zoom in clears the error.
> I've been told that zooming could also be done from keyboard using the 'Z' key. But that does not work in my application. Don't know why....
> Is there anyone who met same problem and has a workaround for it ?
> thanks in advance.
> -Bart


Try this...
ZOOM WINDOW "Report Designer" MAX



how to zoom a report programmaticly Posted by bart nifrabar @ 4/26/2003 5:27:16 PM
RE: how to zoom a report programmaticly Posted by BZ Dusk @ 4/26/2003 6:54:38 PM
Ooppps! I forgot to tell.... Posted by BZ Dusk @ 4/26/2003 6:58:02 PM