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 From: Paul Culbertson
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 Paul Culbertson
 To: Matt Braynard
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 Matt Braynard
Subject: RE: is there anyway to convert fxp to prg again
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Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 1:19:23 PM         

> > Hi
> > so far as i know i don't know if there is a way to convert from fxp to prg, my problem is i need to modify something in the source file prg but i am looking for this file and i can't find it, this is a PRG FILE compile under fdos v 2.0.
> > is there any utility to go from fxp to prg
> > thank you so much
> > Ernesto
> That is compiled machine code. It's really a one way path. The only people who try to reconstruct from that are hackers trying to figure out how retail products work.
> If you are an awesome hacker, you could pull that off (maybe), though things like comments wouldn't be included. However, if you *could* do that, you probably wouldn't be asking the question.
> Perhaps, though, someone here knows of a program that might be able to do it in a limited way.
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Matt is almost right, but there already is a utility that will decompile the fxp it is called REFOX. You can find it at www.hallogram.com i believe it costs around $399.00.

PS. Do not ask anyone to send you a copy of REFOX as that is one of our pet P's that we hate. You can ask but not at this site.

Paul Culbertson

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