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 From: BZ Dusk
 BZ Dusk
 To: Paul Brown
 Paul Brown
Subject: RE: Need some help in visual foxpro 6
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Forms
Date: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 9:33:33 PM         

> > I have some experience in Clipper but this is the first time I try my hands at windows based Xbase language. I created a simple form with a few text box and corresponding labels and some command button which I labelled as Add, Edit, Delete and Quit. Please help me in the coding of those above mentioned command button. Not much books are available for foxpro so i will have to rely on somebody else expertise on this.
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> > Thank you for your help
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> > Nonie
> Hi
> For a reasonable starting point open the Tastrade application in the solution samples that come with VFP6. Check out www.hentzenwerke.com for VFP books.

> Good luck!
> Paul


You may also need to pay special attention to the following: (you may use help file)
1. How to create database and tables
2. Form's Data Environment
3. Controlsource property
4. tableupdate(),tablerevert(),transactions
5. Report Designer



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