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 From: Pete Sass
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 Pete Sass
 To: mike castillo
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 mike castillo
Subject: RE: Network Apps
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Version: Visual FoxPro 7 Category: Operating Systems
Date: Friday, April 25, 2003 1:29:29 PM         

> How can you detect applications that are running on a network?

From a network admin. point of view one of the simple, easy and cheeper products that
do the job....

WhoHasNT performs the same job on NT/2000 servers as WhoHasIt performs on Netware servers. It allows the administrator to quickly check who is using a file(s) on an NT/2000 machine (server or workstation). The easy to use windows interface is far simpler than trying to do the same job using the NET FILE command. WhoHasNT can check who has open files on an entire server, directory or single file.
Download WhoHasNT (330kb)

Easy to use Windows interface
Fully 32-bit throughout
Can run against remote servers, or the local machine.
Displays who has the file open, their permissions and the number of locks
Pick list of frequent files
Can check all files open on a entire server, a share, a directory or a single file.

System Requirements
Windows NT or 2000 workstions or servers

A single copy of WhoHasNT is US$45.
A site license allowing unlimited users within your organization is US$175

Look in www.gadgetfactory.com and download the demo.... one for
netware as well.

Pete from the Great White North. (Only in Canada, ay.) Over and Out ...


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