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 From: Yousfi Benameur
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 El Bayadh
 Yousfi Benameur
 To: Shehzad Khan
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 Shehzad Khan
Subject: RE: PCL XL error/Warning:ILLegalMediaSize
Thread ID: 187663 Message ID: 188090 # Views: 27 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Reports and Printers
Date: Thursday, August 07, 2008 12:26:46 PM         

> Hi freinds,
> I am trying to print from excel file
> all columns are not printing properly
> in next page,i get following msg.
> PCL XL error
> Warning : ILLegalMediaSize
> it was working fine all these days
> suddenly today it has started giving me problem.
> Regards
> Shehzad Khan

Hi Shehzad
In excel window clic print preview ,zoom and see if the complet page is done.
Maybe there is more columns that your width printer dont support.
The menu gives you possibility to zoom the page,make margin,se the jumps between pages.....
Make the width compatible for printing.
Yousfi Benameur


PCL XL error/Warning:ILLegalMediaSize Posted by Shehzad Khan @ 8/5/2008 10:16:40 AM
RE: PCL XL error/Warning:ILLegalMediaSize Posted by Yousfi Benameur @ 8/7/2008 12:26:46 PM