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 From: Tom Mauric
  Where is Tom Mauric?
 Tom Mauric
Subject: Problems to run old Application under XP
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Version: Visual FoxPro 5 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 9:34:49 AM         

Hello all!

First: I'm no VFP Programmer, i had never to deal with it.

In our company we use an VFP-Program, an employee made Years ago. Now we bought a new Computer for our boss and we tried to install this Application on this machine. So there is no Setup-Program for Runtime-Files - I installed VFP 5.0 on this Computer. Then I copied the whole Path from the old Computer to the new one.
And now the Problem: I can start VFP without any faults, but I can't start the Application(its an exe-File). There is the Error Message "Ressource File could not be found"
So I tried this with my win2kPro Workstation - it works
The old Workstation of my boss is a WinNt - it works
I made an complete new Harddisk with WinXP in my Computer - it works
I tried it on a win2kServer - it works
It works anywhere I installed VFP and copied the App, but not on the machine of my boss

Any Ideas ????

Thomas Mauric