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 From: jac humbert
 jac humbert
 To: Vijayendran
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Subject: RE: Reports
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Version: Visual FoxPro 5 Category: Reports and Printers
Date: Thursday, April 03, 2003 3:50:05 PM         


if i remember correctly, maybe your report has either no records to be shown OR you have a variable that is being used in your report that isn't being properly initialized...


> I have a form with an option button named preview & a combo box & text box containing from & to grinno. Onclick of preview option button the combo box & the text boxes are enabled. The combo box contains two options named 'Before approval' & 'After approval' & 'Fromgrinno & Togrinno text box' .
> 1. Onchose of 'Before approval' my report based on tabled pendgrin should be displayed .
> 2. onchose of 'After approval' my report based on rcdgrin should be displayed.
> 3. Both the reports are the same reports with both the tables added in it but depending upon the selection certain fields will be displayed in 1 report & certain other in another report.
> My problem is onclick of ok command, the preview page is seen but runs out immediately. Can anybody help me.
> Regards
> Vijayendran S


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