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 BZ Dusk
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Subject: TO ALL: Please read.
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Date: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 8:26:13 PM         

It was in the year 2001 when I, as an average visual foxpro programmer, saw this site. I find it hard to look for reference books in vfp for intermediate/advance topics in the bookstore. I don't even have a friend who knows vfp programming well to whom I could atleast ask questions,suggestions or advices for my vfp programming development. Not until I searched and saw "Foxite". The name itself already has an impact on me, so i clicked it and signed-in and became a member. I find it very professional. FOr me professional look is simple and neat. I am not easily impressed on web pages with lots of animations or colorful backgrounds, what matters most is the content and the purpose of the site.
You said "when someone log on to this site for the first time, they will get a feeling that the appearance of the site is very old". NOT ME. The appearance makes sense, it's cool in the eyes and easy to navigate.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank foxite and members for the support. More power to all of you and to foxite.


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