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 From: mike castillo
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 Joo Seng Road, Singapore
 mike castillo
 To: Eric den Doop
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 Eric den Doop
Subject: RE: Verifying Workstation on Network
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Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Win32API programming
Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 6:42:07 AM         

> Hi Pete,
> I believe there is a ping dll on the west-wind.com. Don't know if it's free. You can also try the west-wind site monitor, an app that is designed to send an email as soon as it can't connect to a (web?) computer.
> --
> Eric den Doop
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Hi Pete!
just try this, try to add foxrun.pif and complist.txt (just save any blank notepad file as complist.txt ) on the default directory

CREATE CURSOR netComps(computer c(254))
DECLARE INTEGER WinExec IN win32api AS custrun ;
STRING command, INTEGER param
=custrun("foxrun.pif /C net view > complist.txt",0)

*Find out if coms on networks are alive.
*Parse a FILETOSTR() file to find the active computers on the network.
DIMENSION laCompList[OCCURS("\\",FILETOSTR("complist.txt")),2]
FOR lnx = 1 TO OCCURS("\\",FILETOSTR("complist.txt"))
   lcCompName = SUBSTR(FILETOSTR("complist.Txt"),AT("\\",FILETOSTR("complist.Txt"),lnX)+2,7)
   laCompList[lnX,1] = lcCompName &&Save the computername to the array
 	cComputer = "\\" +ALLTRIM(lcCompName)+[\C\]
 	SELECT netComps
 	replace computer WITH cComputer

sele netComps
brow normal


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