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Subject: RE: Where to install VFP runtime in Vista
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Version: Visual FoxPro 7 Category: Operating Systems
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 12:13:12 PM         

> Hi Guys,
> Where is the best place to install VFP runtime files in Windows Vista? For this particular application the .EXE is placed on a shared folder in the server together with the data.
> Thanks in advance.
> Update:
> I placed all the VFP7 runtime files in the application folder in the server and the program was up and running like a charm.
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> Erik Gomez
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I use Installshield 5 (which comes free with VFP9 - on the produce CD) to distribute my apps.
For 2 Vista customers, I've used the same Installshield project as I used for XP. In this project, the run time library is installed in System32.

However - MY apps are installed on a LOCAL computer.
Is there a difference when installed on a server?

I'm currently using a "Quick and Dirty" solution:
My data by default goes to a folder under my exes folder in Program Files structure.
To avoid Virtualisation, I instructed my customers to change the "Install" folder during installation - to c:\my app
It works.
However, the exes are now OUT of the Program Files structure - not what MS intend us to do. As Doug Hennig explains, hackers could do wonderful things with apps which are not securely under the Program Files umbrella.

The permanent solution:
I've spent a lot of time researching before doing anything, and almost ready to apply in my apps.
Useful links below, but heres the status at present.
After much headache, I figured out how to put a vista manifest in me apps. Its quite easy.
Ive decided to "go with the (preferred) flow" and install exes in Program files, and Data in the APPDATA folder.
Since APPDATA has a CSIDL, a) Installshield 5.0 recognizes this folder, and b) Vista should install correctly to the user folder (have to do some testing).

This makes the data User specific.
This works to my advantage in one of my apps - a Personal Bank Account management system. Two users can each have their own sets of personal Data files! I'd been figuring out how to do that, so at least there is a little bit of sweetness about this Vista pill.

When my program starts, I intend to use the OS() command to determine if the computer is running Vista. I'm continuing to install my apps in the "old" method for XP etc (at this point in time).
In my VFP Menu, I'm putting code in the Menu Setup code block. If OS() returns a value Windows 6.0 = Vista, the program will use GETENV('APPDATA') to locate the files for the specific user.

My best pointers so far:

Very good discussion by Doug Hennig. This was my starting point.

I used this to work out how to insert a Vista Manifest to my exes.
I found VERY good info from the links in that article. My advise to anyone starting off is to read them all.



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