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 George Kelly
  Dromore United Kingdom
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A long story!

My qualifications are in Mechanical Engineering. In that "world" my claim to fame is that I was the Chassis Engineer in charge of the team which built the first De Lorean, in Belfast N Ireland..
3 years and 10,000 cars or so later, what a disappointment when it closed. Nice to see it made it to the silver screen, and is still a very popular collectors item.

Mechanical Engineering took a severe nosedive shortly after (in the 80's), with the introduction of the dreaded Down Sizing and then, worse still, Out Sourcing.

I moved to Software Development
I'm delighted to say I still get the same level of satisfaction in creativity as I did in Engineering.

I'm self taught in software development. OK, I did a one year course at University, in Fortran. Punch cards had to be made, sent to the computer, and returned next day. Fix mistakes, try again.
I was not impressed, HATED every minute. Copied someone elses program to get finished in time!

With the introduction of the cheap home computers, I taught myself Basic, on a Dragon. Great little machine.
Carried this through to my Engineering job and developed a "Job Recording System" using Basic on an IBM System 36.
Then moved on to RPGII, the native programming language for that particular "mini".
Developed "Finished Goods Recording Systems" and "Time and Attendance" system.
Moved on to RPGIII on AS400.

My first programming language on a PC was Borland Turbo Basic.
It was great! For the first time, I could make executables. WOW!!

Then, a new program hit the scenes. Foxpro 2.0 for DOS (yip!!)
It was an immediate hit with me. It had "functions". Instead of having to write EVERY bit of code as sub-routines, (e.g. for a date) all you had to do was call a function.
Also, it had a very VERY good user guide. It was sheer simplicity, and a delight to use.
The concept of database tables and indexes were so easy to understand.

Ive worked for a lot of companies! Currently here, as a day job:
I'm the Systems Analyst/Programmer.
Joined here in 1994, because I was a Foxpro expert (LOL)
Soon, they were upgrading... to Foxpro for Windows!!
As of 2006, they are STILL using Foxpro 2.6 for windows!
Reason, they have swallowed the pill, and want to "eradicate" Foxpro. No budget for Visual Foxpro, even though Ive pointed out it is one of the best front ends around to get at SQL server.
However, the Fox still lives, and can comfortably haul out a block of records in a blink of an eye from a Foxpro advertising database with 2.99 million records in a  610 mb file.
Meanwhile, VB has come and gone.

I run my own "part time" business. Hoping to go at it full time some fine day.
Ive trained myself on Visual Foxpro. Currently using 7.0 (I know, I know!! - need to upgrade to version 9.0)
Over a 6 year period, Ive developed a range of software which I market on the internet.
Heres the summary web page:

One of particular interest to Foxites is this one:
Why? It uses Sizer 2, by our fellow Foxite, Dale Doderoy, throughout the system. The exchange of emails in my learning curve are documented in a Sizer 2 thread on this forum. In the preferences, the user can switch the resizing on/off. It’s a free download.
If anyone has bothered to read all this stuff, AND has downloaded Flower Genie, AND is interested in gardening, gosh! you need a reward… get in touch by email and I'll send you a free licence.
Just for Eric!! Its described in Dutch on my NL web site:

It also uses MAPI classes found on the Foxite forum, so gardeners can email plants and photos to each other. Many thanks to Marcias fantastic documents on Automation.
I'm very pleased to use this opportunity to give credit for just a couple of the many things that leaves me in awe, and so much in debt to the Foxite experts.

There – I TOLD you it was a long story!


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