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"HOW TO " Diconnecting a mapped network drive
Thread ID: 13927 Pete Sass "HOW TO " Diconnecting a mapped network drive Hi, Both approaches work well, the API and WS approach. Thanks for this as I am needing this as well. One more question, how do u un-map using API and WS? Would help a lot! Pete from the Great White North ! (Only in Canada, ay...) Over and Out ... pete.sass@foxite.com

"I need your help - Active Directory Experts"
" (is it a neologism?) and restores the "status quo" if finds that something's been changed since the last check. Kinda "auto-restore" on the system level or something... (BTW, that's how I had come to using SetFileAttributes() API function

"zproc" - Customized IntelliSense Script
stack (using SET PROCEDURE TO) command. 3. VFP native functions. 4. Declared API functions( in current program and in procedure stack) 5. Parameter list for each functions/procedures 6. Parameter, Function type, API library name for API functions. How to install this script? You can install this script by simply unzipping the attached zip file to VFP root directory and enter the following command in your VFP command window. CD

* 32
Thread ID: 410699 Pete Sass * 32 Hi, Anyone know how to enumerate the "*32" indicator in the Windows Task Manager Windows showing running processes? If not API then oWinMgmts = getobject("winmgmts://") I sure as heck cannot find a darn thing on this, but has to be there as every 32-bit EXE running has a *32 after the file name. 64 bit EXE's do not have this trailing the name of the running application. Pete "the IceMan", from the Great White North of Canada. www.marathongriffincomputers.com

.Net wraps API - Boudewijn
Thread ID: 239233 Bernard Bout .Net wraps API - Boudewijn This is mainly for Boudewijn In a previous post he asked whether the .Net "framework" was a wrapper for the windows API. This is some of the code found in the System.Windows.Forms.DLL which is used in .Net The function I use to illustrate this, is the call to read a text string from the clipboard - like VFP's _clipboard The following is a trace of the path .Net goes to extract this text... {???} .OleGetClipboard 5. Which uses OleGetClipboard in ole32.dll and OLE32.Dll is a Windows API DLL. Most low level functions, especially WPF translate down to such low level API calls. Winforms uses GDI+ but WPF is another

_cryptapi problem :(
Thread ID: 379577 Neeraj Charne _cryptapi problem :( Hello, I am getting a strange problem with windows encription class encode & decode method. I want to tell that this function is doing well with every other computer & running w...

_StrCmp( ) API library routine
Thread ID: 220358 Khalil Shaddad _StrCmp( ) API library routine SET LIBRARY TO STRCMP ? STRCMP("Hello, world.", "Hello, world.") && matches; returns 0 ? STRCMP("Hello, world.", "Hello, wurld.") && no match; returns non-0 when running the above VFP9 help code, I am getting an error saying: STRCMP.PRG does not exist. how should I make this function work?

10 answers for 10 questions
Thread ID: 43791 ShadowFox 10 answers for 10 questions 1. How can I create a Help File? You can use html help workshop that is included in the VFP installation disk. You create first a html page and compile to .CHM using the html help workshop. use the command - SET HELP TO C:\Saklolo.CHM 2. Is it posible to trap CTRL + ALT + DEL... or CTRL + ESC? Yes. but in order to do this you must use an API call. Thats another story and very long one. For the sake of simplicity, use a policy editor program. Its a third party program that edits system policy of windows such as disabling right click, left click, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Disables control panel , etc,etc. 3. What facilities should I use

2 Questions Pictures and File Sorting
Thread ID: 31645 Shawn Ottinger 2 Questions Pictures and File Sorting I have two questions. 1- We are trying to display a .gif File These files are Cad Drawings and they are rather large. We are using the image object, but when the image is totally displayed on the screen (Isometric or Stretch) you cannot see some of the detail. I would like to some how zoom on a particular section. Does anyone know how to do this? I cant use the Kodak Object because we have XP Machines using this program. 2- Does anyone know a API call to sort items in a directory by name?

A way to find out who has a file open?
Thread ID: 26861 Joe Stahl A way to find out who has a file open? Does anyone know of a way, using the API, or any other way, to tell who has a specific file open on a network? Our application currently uses a login log as a way of guessing who is logged into it, but if something happens like their computer locking up, etc., that person's name still shows as logged in until they log in again and log out. I need a function that will be passed a path/filename, and returns a list of users who have that file open. I've been searching, and haven't found anything. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Joe

About JoySetCapture API function
Thread ID: 16302 Volkan Aydogmus About JoySetCapture API function How can I trap the messages issued by JoySetCapture API function in VPF6.0? There are some solutions in VBasic and Delphi but I didn't find any in VFP. Thanks for your helps in advance... :-)

about the system
Thread ID: 23578 Boudewijn Lutgerink about the system Looking at most MS apps, I notice that they all have the same kind of about-form. What I am particularly interested in is the system-info button. Is there any way I can create this in VFP with or without the use of api call? TIA Boudewijn LutgeĀ®ink Boudewijn.Lutgerink@foxite.com "Some people see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream things that never were and say, "Why not?"

Access_Denied using NetFileEnum
Thread ID: 36045 Darryl Doan Access_Denied using NetFileEnum Hello, I have a problem where the VFP application we are running on about 200 servers around our network leaves file handles open or files become locked. We would like to display a window showining the users which files are open and locked by who. I have searched your sight and found alot of useful information, particularly using NetFileEnum. I have been able to use this API successfully on a local server were I am logged on as the administrator. My problem occurs when I try to run this progrma using NetFileEnum on a remote server. I keep getting error 5 - Access Denied. I was wondering what login information is used when we enter the servername

Accessing a VFP 6 DLL
Thread ID: 61345 Graham Rhind Accessing a VFP 6 DLL Hello all, I've created a VFP 6 DLL (COM component). In relation to this I was wondering if: 1) anybody knew, or could point me to, a definitive list of other programming languages which can "address" a VFP 6 DLL 2) whether VFP 9 has more/better options for creating a component/API library which can be addressed by other programs. Thanks in advance.

Accessing API from VFP
Thread ID: 183385 Biju Thomas Accessing API from VFP Hello Everybody, The following is an API call to get the date and time of a file - created, modified and last accessed. Declare Function GetFileTime Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetFileTime" (ByVal hFile As Long, lpCreationTime As FILETIME, lpLastAccessTime As FILETIME, lpLastWriteTime As FILETIME) As Long How can we convert the above code to use with VFP What are the basic rules for the conversion. Please help. With Regards, Biju Thomas

Accessing the Paint Shop Pro API
Thread ID: 66491 Neil Shumsky Accessing the Paint Shop Pro API I am under the impression from the Pains Shop Pro 8 files that there is an API accessible for scripting PSP 8 actions. I would like to access this through VFP7 with DECLARE [function] in [PSP8API] kind of syntax or a CRAETEOBJECT(PSPOBJECT) but I am not sure how to get started. Does anyone have a simple script to get me going?

Active Directory API calls
Thread ID: 47139 Travis Pick Active Directory API calls Does anyone know of an API call that scans a directory to see what AD groups have rights into that directory. Here at work we have a group set up for access into a shared folder. However over the past few years, we have used that group in many other locations and it has gotten out of hand. We no longer know where that group has access into our network. What I'd like to do is scan the whole Windows side of our network for any directory that "GRP_ITS" has rights into and list the locations into a memo field. Thanks in advance Travis Pick

Active X: Calendar Control
Thread ID: 10628 Nic Cross Active X: Calendar Control I have posted here quite a few times about Excel Automation and thank everyone for their help with it as I am trying to learn more levels of Foxpro. The only things that I get tricky on are these API Calls, Active X, and OLE Controls. I have experimented with the Calendar Control in VF7. I am trying to get a date box to pop the calendar when it is right clicked. Then when the end user picks the date, it will put it into the date box. However, I looked it up on MSDN and it came up with instructions on creating a class for the datebox, but is that necessary? I added the calendar control to the form. I make it visible = .F. When the right click

ActiveVFP 6.0 and 5.52 released!
Thread ID: 365882 claude fox ActiveVFP 6.0 and 5.52 released! ActiveVFP(AVFP) 6.0 and 5.52 have been released on CodePlex at http://activevfp.codeplex.com AVFP 6 features new community development from Victor Espina with RESTful API for FoxPro web services with extensionless URLs and, from Christian Ehlscheid and his CreateThreadObject, new multi-threaded background processing(6.0/5.52). jQuery and jQuery Mobile examples are also included(6.0/5.52) as well as updates for VFP reports to PDF. AVFP 6 includes a new MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that lets the developer create a VFP Controller class in a simple prg and return .avfp HTML views, JSON, or other output, for the best of modern web

ActiveX to detect if modem line in use?
Thread ID: 230567 k doc ActiveX to detect if modem line in use? Hi, I was wondering if there was any activex or Win32 API routine that will allow me to communicate with the computer fax-modem to see if the phone line is in use. Specifically, I want to make sure that the phone line is "available" and not in use before transmitting a fax via the computer. Thanks Keashdoc

ADD VFP Local View into DBC in code?
I load my polling program, it has the code in it's Main.prg startup program to perform a low level API ping to ensure the servers and the non-VFP databases are in fact seen on the network. Then my code cuts in to create the data

ADD VFP Local View into DBC in code? "Got it"
for wanting to accomplish this is that when I load my polling program, it has the code in it's Main.prg startup program to perform a low level API ping to ensure the servers and the non-VFP databases are in fact seen on the network

ADSI maybe?
is something like this as a pure API call. > Pete from the Great White North. (Only in Canada, ay.) Over and Out ... pete.sass@foxite.com Perusing the www for info on Yuri's thing about using ADSI. Check this out... http://cwashington.netreach.net

Again API
Thread ID: 218275 Biju Thomas Again API Hello Everyboby, How can we block a User from accessing the Task Manger. I want do this through VFP codes. I want to prevent the users killing the application from Task Manager. With Regards, Biju Thomas

Aha, I see what's going on here
Thread ID: 39358 Boudewijn Lutgerink Aha, I see what's going on here Well, Mike, thank you very much. I have been staring myself blind on this code and could not find it. I will change it in the code on my side as well and will ask Eric to place in the download as soon as he is back from the MS Summit. What happened here is that I am working currently on another piece of code, belonging in the same context. I realized that with the plethora of API calls it would be easier to group them first and, after selecting the group, give the functions that are part of that group. Not working yet but that'll come. Actually, you could also remove the outer IF structure where the line is: IF ASCAN(oFoxCode.Items

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