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about FingerPrint UareU DigitalPersona..
Thread ID: 179735 Darkness about FingerPrint UareU DigitalPersona.. hello... can ask anyone here to help me on how to setup and configure the FingerPrint UareU 4000B Reader of DigitalPersona... can i view a sample codes if it aint that much to ask... ty... hope you could help me...

attendance shift
Thread ID: 196405 JINX MALINO attendance shift Dear all,, Please help me.. I already to use fingerprint machine for collected data's attendance , but in data can't find out for shift. In my factory we have three work shift, shift I : 07:30 - 13:00, shift II : 13:00 - 20.00, shift III : 20:00 - 01:00. so how I can differentiate tha shift.. Regards jinx

biometric scanner that supports VFP9
Thread ID: 262376 Bernier Mejorada biometric scanner that supports VFP9 good day foxperts! i would like to ask if is their a biometric fingerprint scanner that supports VFP? I'm planning to integrate it in our attendance system. thanks in advance.

Thread ID: 156449 Precious Jem Diego BIOMETRIC USING U ARE U FINGER PRINT Hi to all! I would like to create a system a Biometric using u are u fingerprint. First time to create a program using a device. Can you help me! can u give me a sample source code to call/read the device and save the fingerprint. Either using Visual Basic or Foxpro. Thanks a lot! and God bless! You can email me or chat me: jemalyn_diego@yahoo.com jema :)

Biometrics using u are u fingerprint
Thread ID: 155364 amado manguiob Biometrics using u are u fingerprint Hi Experts, Greetings! I have this Biometric - brand DigitalPersona U are U 4000 model to capture fingerprint. I would like to ask your expertise regarding on how to capture/read and save the fingerprint to dbf file. Million thanks. Amado

Thread ID: 319556 albert voluntate camera hi... friends... i am working with my theses... i am using biometric fingerprint and camera as my devices... but my problem is i could not connect the camera into the system... i am asking for your help friends... please...

Connect to DigitalPersona U are U 4000
Thread ID: 156495 puja niar Connect to DigitalPersona U are U 4000 Please Help me, How to connect my fingerprint DigitaPersona UrU4000 using visual basic 6.0, can give me source code or sdk about it

control u.are.u fingerprint with vfp 9.0
Thread ID: 69557 waluyo - control u.are.u fingerprint with vfp 9.0 Hi, Foxer mania Can you help me to know how to use U ARE U fingerprint sensor with VFP (for displyaing & saving image). Please give me valuable advice on using VFP to develop applications using U ARE U. thanks

Convert this code to VFP
Thread ID: 282938 Zaheer Ahmed Convert this code to VFP Can anyone convert this code to VFP Downloaded from : http://www.progresstalk.com/showthread.php?115529-Fingerscan-interface-in-Progress-9.1A&p=353437 ****************************************** /* ------------ Enrollment ---------- */ PROCEDURE CtrlFrame.DPFPEnrollmentControl.OnEnroll . /*------------------------------------------------------------------- Purpose: enroll fingerprint and store in a binary....OnComplete . /*------------------------------------------------------------------- Purpose: get feature set, retrieve fingerprint template from file and compare. Parameters: Required for OCX. pFeatureSet

Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner
Thread ID: 232729 Jorrel Detaunan Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner Hi there, can anyone provide me a good link on how to use/integrate U are U Digital Persona 4000/4500 Fingerprint Scanner via ActiveX/COM or API Calls. with regards and thanks, Jorrel

Digital Persona Reader with foxpro code?
Thread ID: 227264 louis de jager Digital Persona Reader with foxpro code? Hi Experts I Need some help with Digital Persona Reader Sdk. My new app Gets all the needed events from an eventhandler, but i cant get the actual data. PROCEDURE _IDPFPCaptureEvents_OnComplete(ReaderSerNum AS STRING, pSample AS VARIANT) AS VOID; HELPSTRING "Fires when a fingerprint sample is successfully captured by fingerprint reader." ?ReaderSerNum "displays the readerSerialNumber" and it means that the sample was captured. how can i use the methods within the interfaces? all i get is a return value .T. please help thank you Louis

DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000B Problem
Thread ID: 212270 Sh P DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000B Problem Hi, I am trying to use this fingerprint device(DigitalPersona U.are.U) with SDK in VFP like this : DECLARE SerialNumber IN "c:\program files\digitalpersona\bin\com-activex\dpfpdevx.dll" Re=SerialNumber () when I am trying to use function which I declared I got : "Cannot find entry point "name" in the DLL (Error 1754)" when I am browsing the object I see : Property SerialNumber Type String write-only Member of DPFPDevXLib.DPFPReaderDescription Gets the fingerprint reader serial number. is there any idea? Thanks

Display all functions inside a DLL
Thread ID: 155016 Mican Cagape Display all functions inside a DLL Hi guys, I bought a fingerprint scanner which has a USB connection. Together with the scanner is a CD containing DLL files in it. The vendor told me that if I would like to develop a program that will communicate with the fingerprint scanner, I should have to use the DLLs inside the CD. As far as I know, before to use the DLL using the DECLARE command, I should know first all functions defined in the DLL file. Like : DECLARE INTEGER AccessibleObjectFromWindow IN oleacc.dll integer, integer, string , object @... My problem is, I don't even know what are the functions defined in the DLLs. Is there any functions/commands in VFP

Does anyone already use fingerprint identification
Thread ID: 33530 Willem van Oosten Does anyone already use fingerprint identification Does anyone already use fingerprint identification in a VFP application? I am curious if it is fast and reliable because from what I've seen so far in the documentation of fingerprintstuff on the internet is that it is not near 100 percent reliable because of unneeded rejects and false identifications. And if it is in use which scanner and software/sdk are used. For my application... for fingerprint or face identification because sometimes they loose or forget their barcode cards. Willem Hi! I saw a thread in an archive where a guy from the philippines had a copy of the U.are.U Integrator Platinum

Extract Fingerprint & Serial # from JPEG
Thread ID: 312235 Godzilla Mozilla Extract Fingerprint & Serial # from JPEG Dear Experts, Please how can I extract a fingerprint and serial number from a JPEG file and insert same to an SQL Server Database table. Find below a sample file, please. Thanks. Mozilla

finger print (heeeeeeeeeeeeelp)
Thread ID: 76990 zakaria hamieh finger print (heeeeeeeeeeeeelp) hi exprt i have a probleme with a fingerprint dll. it has a vb program which run good but i really need to make it work in vfp. any onw can help to read fingerprint i will send the dll for any one. thks and bibi

finger print device
Thread ID: 311019 SHAHERYAR RASHED finger print device Hi Experts! i have new assignment working with finger print device for attendance. please guide me 1. which device is suitable? 2. how to make form in vfp for fingerprint device ? 3. how to get results waiting...

finger print dll
Thread ID: 76710 zakaria hamieh finger print dll hi exprt i have a probleme with a fingerprint dll. it has a vb program which run good but i really need to make it work in vfp. any onw can help to read fingerprint i will send the dll for any one. thks and bibi

Thread ID: 50111 Sukma Tri Cahyono FingerPrint I try to do research on FingerPrint Device lately... Frankly, I'm able to develop any program with Visual FoxPro and/or Visual Basic When my client wants me to develop Fingerprint using VFP (because they are Visual FoxPro minded... I'm glad about that) I found big obstacles. 1. I Can't translate the behaviour of VB Syntax "Dim Fingerprint detection process is by accessing Sample_Quality, Sample_Ready, and Done events. Visual FoxPro could not show the COM reference, VFP only recognize the ActiveX of Fingerprint

Thread ID: 76486 JLW Wsde FingerPrint Hello, I am after an RS-232 fingerprint module, which has an SDK. It cannot be USB due to limitations. Can anybody help? Thanks!

Thread ID: 95595 Chris Berkvens fingerprint Hello, I'm planning to implement fingerprint identification in one of my apps. What do i need, active-X, SDK etc... Are there any sites that you can suggest? Best Regards, Chris.

fingerprint (to eric please urgent)
Thread ID: 75499 zakaria hamieh fingerprint (to eric please urgent) hi all dear eric i would be appreciated if you can solve this problem to me i have a bio fingerprint reader . i have sample program in vb to run it , i am trying to make it work with vfp but without succeed. it hase a dll called bionetacs. 1- in vb to initialize the use following command set icap2 = new bionetacs (getting com interface pointer (capture)) set ialgo2 = icap2 (getting com interface pointer (algorithm)) then to open the device the following command gg=icap2.opendevice(0) i am sure such command can be issued in vfp but what i need is to initialize and declare the device from the dll 2- what

Fingerprint device integration with vfp based app.
Thread ID: 55111 MANOJ PANCHAL Fingerprint device integration with vfp based app. Hello sir, can you guide me how to integrate a fingerprint device to indentify a employee in attendance system based on vfp. MANOJPANCHAL

fingerprint reader
Thread ID: 338476 Malik Aqeel fingerprint reader dear experts, i am trying to build attendance system. I have searched the forum but found only question regarding fingerprint system. anyways is there anyone can help the following select the device for this purpose having activeX control to use with vfp. any examples code to read than store and than compare fingerprints. Regards, Malik Aqeel

fingerprint reader problem
Thread ID: 289590 Qaisar Mahmmood fingerprint reader problem Dear Friends I have a code working with digital personsa 4000 SDk Device. Now I have purchased a new fingerprint reader named digital persona U are U 4500. I am facing a problem that when i try to save the extracted image in sql database in varbinay field. It is showing an erro "string or binary data would be truncated". But the same code is working with the older device. Thanks in advance for some help.

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