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(append blank and gather memvar) vs table update
Thread ID: 3564 ALBERT MONDRAGON (append blank and gather memvar) vs table update Good day! I was really confuse on this command. What is the difference between two type of command. And what are there advantage. Can you help me or suggest me what will i use to save a data to a table. And what is the safest way to save a data. Thanks alot. And more power to all of you.

(INI file) Please read, need help!!!
Thread ID: 12369 BZ Dusk (INI file) Please read, need help!!! Hello! I've learned from foxite that in a multi-user env. installing exe's on workstations and saving data on file server is an advantage since it will lessen network traffic and improve application response. Questions: 1. Do i have to create Distribution disks for workstation installation, or just copy the exe from the file server and paste to workstations? 2. If i still need to create Distribution disks, what are the files that i must put into my Distribution Tree? - do i need to include my .scx, .vcx, etc. or just the .exe? 3. Does GETDIR() displays all drives (including network drives?) 4. Yesterday, i searched the archives and i

.prg Vs Application Class
Thread ID: 47756 Andy at Rushcliff .prg Vs Application Class Hi all, As part of a mjor redevlopment of our application in VFP8, I am faced with the prospect of converting loads of functions and procedures currently stored in the classic "proclib.prg", and also loads of public variables initialised in my "main.prg" into methods and properties of my application class. The application is a traditional menubar / input screen / floating toolbars etc. type app. Is there a good advantage in doing this from a performance point of view, or does it just make things easier to manage in the project. The current plan is to have as little code as possible in "main.prg" and to create and launch my application class

Thread ID: 51088 sfx dunoo _vfp.DataToClip(dbfalias,,3) I am desperate I generate reports in excel using 2 ways : 1. I copy over a database report into an excel spreadsheet, cell by cell, row by row This is a task, that takes a long time, because you can see how automation fills up every cell.. 2. _vfp.DataToClip(dbfalias,,3) This is much faster, the entire cursor is copied into the clipboard and pasted into the excel spreadsheet. Advantage of 1 is that field values are correctly transfered from vfp to excel. When you examine a cell in excel that should be numeric, it WILL be numeric. If it has to be text, it WILL be text. With the DataToClip function, all fields will have the general

3 tier.
Thread ID: 30725 Aska 3 tier. Hi there, I am now don't know want to write a 3 tieror 2 tier application. I going to develop a retail shop system. So, for my question, 1) what is the best situation to write a 3 tier application? It is i need to do that if i just want to create a small application. 2) what is the purpose to develop a 3 tier application? 3) it is 3 tier application can give me more advantage compare to 2 tier application? Can anyone tell me more about 3 tier, so i can decide write a 3 tier or 2 tier application. Thanks Aska

A little about Servoy
and Feel (LaF) - looks like Mac on a Mac, looks like Windows on Windows If you'd like to find out more, here's a few resources you could take advantage of: - download a FREE trial version today. For more information, please

about SQL Server
Thread ID: 148424 Nilson Rishi about SQL Server Expert, I have 2 questons. Please help. 1.In SQL Server, the comand SELECT* FROM theTable WHERE code='a', returns records whose CODE field is both 'a' and 'A'. It seems SQL Server is case insensitive. It is different from VFP. How could I make it case sensitive? 2. What is the advantage of VARCHAR over CHAR data type? Should I always use VARCHAR? Regards, Nilson

active document / additional & solution
use this on your local intranet I guess there's no harm done. The advantage of this is that you only have to install your app once and can control who has access to the exe. Eventually you could create a login procedure. Boudewijn.Lutgerink@Foxite.com

ADS by Sybase - what is it?
Thread ID: 356982 Ilya Rabyy ADS by Sybase - what is it? Colleagues, Is anybody familiar with the Sybase's Advantage Database Server? From what I read about it - it looks to me like some kind of additional layer between the database and programming interface (kinda what Doug Hennig's Stonefield Database Toolkit is). Any info WBGA! Regards, Ilya

Advantage Database Server
Thread ID: 243583 Noel Cris Advantage Database Server Hi All, Anybody using the Advantage Database Server? We know that the foxpro database is one of the fastest DBMS around and I like to test it with ADS. If anybody have experience with VFP using ADS please share some of your thoughts. There aren't many docs on this making it hard for me to decide. for additional info: http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/Screencasts/CloneDBC/ShowMovie.html http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/jeremym/fox_large/foxprolarge.html thank you. -noel

advantage database server ODBC
Thread ID: 178228 mk sharma advantage database server ODBC i want to use ODBC driver of advantange database server for my foxpro data files is this work as client/server warm regards, mk

Advantage ODBC driver error
Thread ID: 206240 Steve Dingle Advantage ODBC driver error Heya All, Was just playing around with the Advantage ODBC driver 9.1 and when I try to access the VFP sample data in \TasTrade\Data, I get the following error. iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 7200: AQE Error: State = HY000; NativeError = 3011; [iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 3011: Unknown identifier found in index key expression. Table name: EMPLOYEE Just wondering if anyone else has come across this. Thanks, Steve Dingle http://weblogs.foxite.com/SteveDingle/ www.dsbusinesssolutions.co.uk

Thread ID: 219801 DEREK DODOO ADVANTAGE OF VIEW OVER QUERY Dear Expert, I currently have a query form which a user can select fields from and build a 'query on the fly', however some of the users find it very difficult to understand the concept, someone propose that I use a view instead. What are the clear differences between the 2 and the advantage of a view over a query if there is any ? Thanks

AlphaBlend two images
for performance ** The biggest advantage to doing this is if you were processing multiple ** set of images at a time, which we aren't doing here. m.loColorMatrix=.Imaging.ColorMatrix.New() For m.lnCurrentStep

Anchors away (and more resizing)
Thread ID: 117332 George Kelly Anchors away (and more resizing) Finally, its anchors away, and time to play with VFP9 The anchor command in VFP 9 is sheer simplicity, and works a treat when a form in an exe designed for 800x600 is executed in a 1024x768 screen. Its Resized magically. However, the font is not adjusted (unless I'm missing something, since this is new to me) In VFP 7, I redeveloped one of my products to incorporate Marcia Atkins's brilliant solution. See: Thread ID: 110937 Message ID: 110955 Thank you once again Marcia! This had the additional advantage that the font could also be resized. Question is, is there something in VFP9 which offers an alternative to Marcias solution if you

Anyone Heard About Alpha Five?
Thread ID: 78769 Dexter Carlit Anyone Heard About Alpha Five? I'm so pleased if someone can give me an insight about the alpha five application... Whats its advantage or disadvantage also in comparison with Foxpro? I have supposed to be a client that wants to develop the application using alpha five (XBasic) because for him this is the mother of all invention... He also told me that when you were using it you were using like Foxpro, Basic and Access in one with lesser codes.... He also said that even non-programmer may able create programs. It supports client server application and also web application or combination of the two if your going to develop an application it can connect to all known database

April 13 - Live Audio WebCast - Houston/Chicago UG
to better market it and take advantage of different resources available to developers, he became a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals. Ed shares some of the options available to you if you think you might

AVFP and index
or IDX .. But i feel here their advantage is huge. I am getting ready for the worst senario .. say about 100 to 10,000 requests per couple of secs .. Waiting for your opinions Thanx, SuhasHegde

Beginners Need Helps
windows explorer i found that the name is stil JLX!, what did i missed ?? How can i repair this ?? Whats should be in my code ?? 2. I'm understand that by using database we have more advantage that using free tables (that i never

Benchmark.. Locate/Select/Seek
on getting to the record. I have to draw the conclusion in smaller tables in the 10-30 thousand record range the real time delay is not a factor. Locate definately has the advantage over the Select method dealing with extremely

Best method to locate records? "Will benchmark "
to try on your network, but I got the suspision the Select may have a speed advantage over the other 2 choices. Tonight I will benckmark this on a 500,000 record table using a 1 GIG P-III computer and publish results. Pete from

Bullzip PDF write Questions.
Should the output file automaticaly overwriten without the messagebox) thanks in advantage

Business Integrity Question
? Seems like my client has the advantage. This will cost me $6,000 dollars to obtain $2,000 dollars at a net loss of $4,000 dollars or I just walk away and take the current $2,000 loss. All comments, view or those with experiences

Cathy Pountney at ChicagoFUDG 14 Aug 07
Thread ID: 141358 Randy Bosma Cathy Pountney at ChicagoFUDG 14 Aug 07 ChicagoFUDG welcomes Cathy Pountney on August 14 when she will impart some of her accumulated wisdom about using the VFP report writer highlighting the new beast introduced with Version 9 - the ReportListener. It gives you the ability to extend your reports beyond the native behavior. In this, the world premier of her upcoming SWFox session, you'll learn all about this animal and how to take advantage of it, including: How to run reports using a ReportListener What properties are available and what they can do What methods are available and what power they have About the ReportListeners provided with VFP Some cool tricks provided

Chicago FUDG hosts Bo Durban 10 Jul 07
Thread ID: 136925 Randy Bosma Chicago FUDG hosts Bo Durban 10 Jul 07 July brings Bo Durban to FUDG University. He's the moderator of the open source project - VFPX - and will give two talks: 1) What’s coming for VFP - Sedna - VFPX? What’s up with Vista? Why be excited about the release of VFP SP2? Find out how you can take advantage of the enhancements and how you can be a part of the open source effort. http://www.codeplex.com/VFPX 2) Making the most of VFP9’s reporting enhancements related to the ReportListener. Find out how easy it is to customize your report output and the report designer using the GDIPlusX library. This will provide real world examples with source code that you should be able to leverage

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