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"Reply button" ref: Thread no 74394
Thread ID: 74406 Sunil Sawant "Reply button" ref: Thread no 74394 Dear Experts, This is ref. to thread no 74394. Sir Eric, I'm using Internet explorer. As per your instruction I have cleared the browser's cache. Refreshed the paged many time, but in vain. I'll write the name of buttons in order of appearance on my screen, Post new message window: New,Display,enabled systex coloring, B,I,U, attachment, Options,Download,goto articles,Home. and logout On thread window the button that I can see are: Home, SignUp, Forum, archives, search, articles, downloads, links, members, weblogs That's it, There is no 'Reply' Button . As Mr.Jozef said "When you reply, the new button changes in an envelope

.NET dll
Thread ID: 222807 Cheah Kwan Loon .NET dll I was given a .NET dll call mykadpro.dll & mykadpro.tlb Following their instruction, I got it installed and brow through the Object browser I got the "mykadpro" with class "jpn". within jpn I got a number of methods BeginJPN,EndJPN,GetIDNum and so on. I tried the following otest=CREATEOBJECT('mykadpro.jpn') but return error message Class definition MYKADPRO.JPN is not found Anyone can help?

A serious problem by focusing a page
Thread ID: 56507 Farid Gohar A serious problem by focusing a page Hallo, A pageframe contains 5 pages. The page1 contains a listbox and currently the page 3 is activated (selected). I want to activate the page1 with the instruction (thisform.pageframe1.page1.setfocus). The listbox in page1 disapears when this page gets the focus. After gettig the focus in page1 , i have checked in debug mode the "visible" and "enabled" property of the listbox. Both of them are .True. Would you please help me how can i activate (setfocus) a page in a pageframe, so that after getting the focus (activating)m the listboxes do not disapear. Many thanks in advance Best regards Rasoul Goharfar

About the subqueries and ther limitations...
; center + almacen ; FROM table03) This instruction works fine, but if i add another field in the WHERE clause (adding another field to the string concatenation) like this: SELECT ; table01.center

ActiveVFP and IIS: creating App
Thread ID: 418419 Ilya Rabyy ActiveVFP and IIS: creating App Colleagues, Could anybody shed some light on the following instruction: "6.) In IIS Manager create an Application (Windows 7, Vista, or above) or Virtual Directory (Windows 2003 Server) over the folder by right-clicking Default Web Site and taking the appropriate option. If asked, give Write and Script permissions. " (found here: http://thetechconsult.com/avfp553/html/docs.htm#support) This is where I have stopped, coz I dunno what "folder" means in this context: What shall I put into the "Physical path" box? Just directory, or a full path to a file? If it's the latter - what(kind of) file it shall be? If it's some (sub-)directory

Add column to a cursor
Thread ID: 35197 Diego Add column to a cursor Hi, could you tell me how can I add one or more columns to a temporary cursor created with the CREATE CURSOR instruction? i.e. Create cursor myCursor (Date D(8)) through a query I determine which fields I have to add to myCursor then Select qryFields && query cursor contains names of fields Scan qryFields ????? EndScan P.S. the fields that I have to add are different by name but equal by type and dimension i.e. Char(20) Thanks, DonDiego

Another web solution
Thread ID: 275034 Martin Krivka Another web solution FastCGI implementation. FastCGI is communication protocol between web server and application. No COM, no ActiveX. Just listen on port and return reply. Pure vfp code. When request come from web server, this call is invoked: do (myProgram) with oRequest Very easy development. Just modify/compile your file and press "Reload" button in your browser. See the readme.txt file for instruction's. Download: http://www.vfp.cz/dwn/fcgi_demo.zip Link to FastCGI home page. Martin

Append blank data mismatch
?) and the form launch the first form passing the data by parameter (Do form MyForm with MyData). So I've modified the first form: in the INIT event I've inserted the PARAMETERS instruction to pick up the data from calling form. Then, to retrieve... might be due to a SEEK instruction that didn't find the data, but my Seek do. I've checked it by Found(), and however data shown in form are correct.... I've thought I've messed up something in DataEnvironment, but I

CA Tutorial Part II
not done in my previous work) and saved the class. Created a new sub-class called caOrders from the baseclass and followed each instruction to save the class. Then created a test form as detailed in the tutorial. But while running

Can anyone direct me to a instruction on treeview
Thread ID: 14905 Nic Cross Can anyone direct me to a instruction on treeview I would like to create a treeview much like that of Outlook Express/Outlook 2002. I have looked at the sample solution, but I wanted to see if anyone could direct me to something more expressive or something. I wanted to be able to incorporate the drag and drop too. Thanks Never Underestimate Radical Vision

Carriage Retrurn Character
Thread ID: 222363 Carmine Carriage Retrurn Character Hi, somebody knows how to substitute the carriage return character with '' in a sql db field? I tried with this instruction StrTran(fieldname,CHR(10),'') but probably CHR(10) is not corresponding to th CR Character, because it doesn't works... Can you help me? Thanks..

check box on grid how?
Thread ID: 410104 Angelo Andales check box on grid how? Hi, I have been following some of the instruction on how to insert a check box on the grid but It won't work. this is the error that appears on screen. one of the instruction says that i need to remove the text box on the grid but i can not remove it. please guide me with this. Regards, Angelo

Check Condition
Thread ID: 358582 Mansoor Khalid Check Condition Dear Sir, A sealed company packet contains 10 pcs having per pcs price. user should not sell individual piece expect a packet or multiple packets. What instruction we pass to system. Thanks and Regards, Mansoor

Choosing a backend
short. I thought of using VFPServer but the instruction manual is in Spanish and support is non-existent. My criteria for choosing are: Free. Be able to handle up to 20 concurrent users The definition of Simplicity Easy

Crystal Report Class Error for Mr. Luis Navas
Thread ID: 13933 Caij Gomez Crystal Report Class Error for Mr. Luis Navas Hi Mr. Navas , I am currently using your crystal report class , but having some errors during runtime OLE IDispatch exception code 0 FROM Seagate Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer: The value/rage you are adding has already existed .crxParameter[lci].AddCurrentValue (lcarra[lci]) --class code that is being errored though i can ignore the error and have the correct result, this may post some psychological affect on end-users. I did the same instruction that you have mentioned 1. Added Parameters in Crystal Report 2. used PRINREPORTPAR(par1,par2,par3) --instead of ultimate value i have used variables in par1,par2,par3

t he tables in him contained (e.g. Tabela1, Tabela2, etc). – Without error message. 3) In the form start events (Load or Init) an instruction line as: SELECT Tabela1 Reply error: 13 - Alias “Tabela1” is not found 4) Performing

DataEnvironment open tables
didn't open the tables in him contained (e.g. Tabela1, Tabela2, etc). – Without error message. 3) In the form start events (Load or Init) an instruction line as: SELECT Tabela1 Reply error: 13 - Alias “Tabela1” is not found

Thread ID: 313892 Jos Pols DDE Hello, I have a client who has Windows 7 Enterprise Edition - 64bit. He is running MS Office 2010 (32bit). All our VFP9 applications run fine including be able to use COM automation to control Excel. We also have a DDE server application. When his Excel tries to talk to our DDE server we hear Excel's request and receive the instruction correctly - we can log all that and it is OK. But when our application tries to send the data back to Excel, Excel hangs with a "Not responding" message in the Excel window caption. Then we need to kill Excel via the task manager. Our DDE application continues to run fine. All other aspects of our apps run fine. I have set his Excel options

Dear Expert,Binod Binani,Michel Levy
Help. TIA Michel Levy Hi Binod, When a command runs correctly in SSMS with the needing of a GO statement, it means that it is made of two batches, separated by the GO instruction (which is a batch instruction, not a SQL

Detail band of report problem
Thread ID: 17109 Doc Detail band of report problem This may be a newbie problem but it's got me. I have 1 view which is a compilation of records - line items for an invoice the fields are:name,price,quantity,line_total and instructions. How can I get a report produced that will first list in order of name the price,quantiy and total this will be subtotaled per name.Then after all the line items are listed I would like to show the instructions in order by name. Not all line items have an instruction associated with them. TIA John

Displaying data from a table using combo box
Thread ID: 40063 Mai Rivera Displaying data from a table using combo box Kindly give me the instruction on how to show the data from my table using a combo box for selection

Do I need some black magic?
to find the error I've added a .CursorRefresh() instruction after tableupdate, and at runtime, while saving, I've obtained usual error message: "Error 1923. Object
ERROR() always returns 0
before the USE database EXCLUSIVE line, execute to the breakpoint, then type into the command window ON ERROR DO HHERR and execute the next instruction I get Error() = 0 Message() = File access is denied If I cancel the program

export to csv file
Thread ID: 151695 filip merlier export to csv file Hello Experts I a have a problem exporting a file to a csv file When I use the following instruction : copy to &file.csv type csv the file which is created is delimited by "," I need the file delimited by ";" but also as a csv file (which means with the header) Example : CLIENT;ARTICLE;NUMBER;STDPRICE;DISCOUNT;UNITPRICE 000032;000001;1;85;10;76,5 000032;000005;1;100;0;100 000001;000001;1;85;10;76,5 WFG, Filip Merlier

Fatal error c0000005
Thread ID: 115322 Endre E Fatal error c0000005 Hi I have a tricky issue in my VFP7 application. At least tricky for me. The application is crashing with fatal error C0000005. Sometimes I see a message like this one in the eventlog: "Faulting application .exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x00010f29.". Sometimes the application just hangs. I also see the Windows error "The instruction at "0x...." referenced memory at "0x.....". The memory could not be "read"", and then the application is closed, of cource. The error does only appear in situations where I print, but it does not occur in an exact pattern, or when I pass a particular code line

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