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A Spy Glass
Thread ID: 397618 Tony Vignone A Spy Glass I have no idea whether or not this might be of any use to anyone, but I thought I may as well share it. This is a form with a large edit box. Normally if the data is larger then the edit box (or any other large container) you would use the scroll bar to see more that is not yet visible. This form does the opposite. The large edit box stays in a fixed position on the screen and you move the form around to see other parts of its content. Like moving a spy glass or magnifying glass. So here it is, whatever it's worth. I haven't yet figured out what to do beyond the far limits of the screen. So this is only a partial solution. UPDATE: See my other Thread

About - PACK
Thread ID: 72208 John Terburg About - PACK What Pack actually does (read it on the web, but can't find the reference in a hurry, sorry if it was yours and you don't get the credit... ) is as follows: First it creates a copy of non-deleted records of the table on the hard drive. Sort of like... copy from x to y where !deleted() Then it deletes the file. drop table or erase file... Then it creates a new empty table. Sort of like... copy structure to x with cdx [database dbc] Now the content will be added... append from y And finally the copy will be erased... erase y The larger your file is, the longer it takes to pack data. It is therefore recommended to use pack as a maintenance function, rather than


Amyuni and VFP8 - Report to PDF generates with corrupt images
on the left is a larger version of the same image, displaying correctly. Both Pictuer objects used the same source file. Any ideas? Many thanks Waiman

Append General Field
Thread ID: 140750 kulwant singh Append General Field Dear Experts, I need your guidance, Please! I have a table with a general field 'foto'. My problems are:- 1. When I use 'APPEND GENERAL foto FROM C:\photos\CAT.JPG' I find only the name of the file cat.jpg in the general field 'foto' Why don't I get the real picture? Can't VFP store JPG format pictures? 2. When I use 'APPEND GENERAL foto FROM C:\photos\cat.bmp' LINK The file cat.bmp is only 438kb. But i find the resultant FPT file is 1.72 MB. Why does the FPT file grow larger than the photo it stores. What am i doing wrong? How can I make the most efficient use of storage when dealing with picures? Please Guide me. Thanks

assign unique invoice No. in multi-user program
INVOICE is not saved, but discarded with TABLEREVERT(), then the current value in INVOICENO of table myNos will not agree with, but be larger than the last value of INVOICENO for table INVOICE. But a problem comes. Since

Automatic Form Resize
Thread ID: 263339 Mohammad Irfan Automatic Form Resize Dear Sirs, I want to use some PERFECT tool or class that could automatically fit my program's different forms and controls over a small LCD or when run at a larger screens. Please help. Thanks, IRFAN

> Can anyone make the larger sizes usable or is there a bug in the DLL? Is it my testbed that is making the larger sizes fail? Thanks Paul

Basic data retrieval
DOS package using the same data on the network at the same time. I have changed the CODE PAGE to 1252 from 437 on the tables and this also showed a small improvement though im still a way off. As an experiment I took a couple of the larger

Best format for pictures
bigger than the larger image - why would this be? Cyril

Best Strategy for Creating Unique ID
Thread ID: 159903 Lenchz Negans Best Strategy for Creating Unique ID Hi to all, I am about to create a Master File just for quick review. One thing i notice that the auto-incremented Integer data type is only capable of 4 digits, so I decided not to use auto increment integer since I am also considering that records will reach a huge number (up to 999999999 or even larger). My question is, how can I capture the next sequence during creation of a record. I also considered that my application can be simultaneously used by a number of users, so there will be a strict capture of sequence values for ID in case of record creation at the same time. Please direct me to any article for this or any strategy best

Build EXE from one piece of a Project
Thread ID: 32144 Bill von Valtier Build EXE from one piece of a Project Hello friends, Using The PM, I recently found that I needed to build and EXE standalone from one PRG file which is part of a larger project. I couldn't see how to isolate it so as not to compile and include the other 15 or more parts of the larger project. I ended up by doing it in a separate, temporary Project, which seemed awkward. Is there a way to do this from the main parent project? TIA BillvV

changes to my textboxes won't remain
number so that the ticket number will be one number larger than the previous ticket number, so ticket number 361 would change to 362 and if I press the Save button then the changes are saved. If there is already a ticket number entry containing the number 1 and I type in an existing Non EIU number, such as AV03142, then the lines of code will work properly and increase the ticket number so that the ticket number will be one number larger than the previous

Character Fields in Remote Views
Thread ID: 2758 Jared Baszler Character Fields in Remote Views I've been having trouble for about a week now trying to get my character fields in my "Remote Views" to have a length greater than 20. What is frustrating is that when I go to modify a view and go to the field property and change a particular fields' length to say 64; it works fine. I then exit the remote view window (saving changes of course), go back into the same remote view and go to the same field and it's length is set back to 20? The remote data is on an SQL Server and the lengths there are larger than 20, and in most instances they are length 64. VFP 6 automatically imports the fields to length 20. I was wondering if anyone knew why

Checkbox Size
Thread ID: 116895 David Jo Checkbox Size Is there a way to make the box part of a checkbox larger? I changed the height and width but that did not change the box itself. Thanks, David

Checkbox.width returns wrong value
Thread ID: 387470 Jim Carls Checkbox.width returns wrong value I have a form that is part of an applicaton that typically is automatically resized to fit the screen resolution, which is usually larger than the original design dimensions. One part consists of a checkbox with text followed immediately by a textbox. When the form is resized, slight variances between the width generated by the resulting font size and the repositioned textbox leaves an unacceptable gap between the two. So I'm using the textbox's .Refresh to close the gap, with this code: THIS.LEFT = THISFORM.chkApplyInflation.LEFT + ; THISFORM.chkApplyInflation.WIDTH + ; 2*THISFORM.nWidthFactor The problem is that THISFORM.chkApplyInflation.WIDTH

Chen's C++ Compiler
think they missed the boat here. I as a developer when dealing with larger clients would suggest SQL-Server backends in the first place and code my VFP applications accordingly. Look at my integration of Chen's C++ Compiler

Cheque Digit Validation
Thread ID: 264082 Alan Tuscano Cheque Digit Validation Hi Experts, I'm going to check a Cheque and validate it by computing its account number. Example Acct no: 1226313 Query 1. Counting from leftmost, I need to get numbers 2, 4 and 6. Thats(2,6,1) and multiply by 2. How will i do this? Query 2. If any of the results is larger than the value 9, add the two characters of the result together to get the new result. From above Example, if character #4 has a value of 6, when it is multiplied the result is larger than the value 9 (6 * 2 = 12). Following above sentence, the result becomes 3 (12 = 1 + 2 = 3). How will i do this? And Last, how will add up the 7 digits? Thanks for all

Chicago FUDG meeting 11 Apr 06
as it gears for the Future kept the group intrigued for 2 eighty minute sessions wrapped around a pizza break.Tom Corrigan's Dot Net Data Access talk in January was top notch and larger than average. Stoke the momentum. See you

Clicking OLE object in Report
Thread ID: 198446 bryan wetton Clicking OLE object in Report My app has a number of reports using frx files both in standard form and HTML. I am currently exploring the HTML Report Listener and using Doug Hennig's HTMLHyperlinkListener. As the reports are Inventories of images ( on the local PC) I show a thumbnail on the form. I want the user to be able to click on the thumbnail and get a larger version. I like the code by Calvin Hsia in article 'Enable crop and zooming in on your digital photograph display form' Is there a way I can start this form from my existing Reports ( users have requested this for years)? Regards Bryan

Clock resize
Thread ID: 324969 Joel S. Clock resize I have an application that was originally designed in FPD and I am doing some updating on it. One of the issues I am currently having is that when I resize the screen (the entire project is written on the screen, no forms are used) everything works great except for the clock. I can get it to be positioned properly regardless of screen size/font size (by setting its position after a MODIFY WINDOW SCREEN) but it stays the same size no matter what. Obviously this is an issue since it is too small on larger size screens, and too large on smaller size screens. I can't seem to make the clock itself change size. Is there a way to do this? J.

Close form window
Thread ID: 398742 Daniele Riefoli Close form window Hi, to show messages in a larger size I call a form by passing it the value of the message To hide the form I type messaggi.release But the window remains active in memory. In fact, List memo produces MESSAGGI Pub O .NULL. How do I remove the window from memory? Thanks Daniele

Command Window Cleanup
Thread ID: 404232 Tony Vignone Command Window Cleanup Here is another tool that I regularly use. Do you hate to see the Command Window get larger and larger with duplicate clutter? Well, this cleans up your Project Command Windows that are cluttered up with repeated commands. It will remove all duplicate lines and retain only the latest occurrances. This will greatly reduce it's length and make searching for past commands easier.
Complex SELECT: Which table goes 1st?
has more records than another - which one is better to go first from performance speed point of view: the larger one or the smaller one? Regards, Ilya

Container click event not firing
Thread ID: 132340 Duffy Weber Container click event not firing EDIT: If the following is happening to you, and you have a line that scales to a diagonal inside your container - your click, doubleclick, and rtclick code should go in the LINE's click event. In other news; I am a numbnuts. Howdy! I have a container subclass that gets dropped into a larger container. Now, I have events in the larger (parent) container's click, right click and double click events. Problem is - they're not firing, because the child container is over top of them (the child container is mostly transparent, and Backstyle is 0) Okay, I figured. no big deal. I'll just put the same code in the child container's

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