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1705 File access is denied
Thread ID: 102704 Kenny Brownlee 1705 File access is denied Error 1705 File access is denied, I’m running a program that reads thru master files and creates work orders. It’s been published and is used by many users since 2000. The program creates Temp files in a local folder and opens them EXCLUSIVE at the top and never closes them until the end. Now in the last 3 to 4 months; I’ve had three users report the error 1705 above. The thing is, it’s one of the TEMP files. All three users are running XP.. This file is APPEND to, PACK and ZAP in different points of the program. I’m thinking something about XP or an anti-virus program etc… Any thoughts? thanks

Access denied on Windows 7
Thread ID: 276416 Luca Moioli Access denied on Windows 7 Dear friends, I need to install a VFP 9 application on Windows 7 (I have XP and unfortunately I can test it only on customer's PC). I have a problem on start with the following code, where I create an empty table: SELECT Alimento,Kcal,0000 as Gr,.F. as Selezione,00000 as Backup ; FROM Alimenti ; WHERE .F. ; INTO TABLE (m.Path+"Tmp\Esempi.dbf") On XP it is all right, but on Windows 7 I get the following error: Error 1705 Access denied The "m.Path" is the starting directory, "Tmp" is an real subdirectory. The application is automatically installed on Windows 7 in "Program Files (x86)" directory with a Setup compiled from

Edit an existing database Error 1705
Thread ID: 279716 Eli Jackson Edit an existing database Error 1705 Boy do I need some help! Ok So I have a program written in FoxPro 15 years ago. I have the program, I have Refox, and I have VFP9... The original program has SET EXCLUSIVE OFF in the initial.FXP file.. I've pasted the code below. Can someone tell me how to change this code for multiple users? And what program I can use? Also is there a way to take this program and upgrade it to VFP9? Thanks for the help!!! PUBLIC gbail_baby, gsuperuser, gmaster, site_inst, wininuse, lgoodlo, gdiskspace, cpl_date, gcversion, _jexitkey, gnepoch wininuse = .F. lgoodlo = .F. gnepoch = 1970 gsuperuser = .F. gdiskspace = 10000000.00 gbail_baby

error 1705
Thread ID: 115620 Joe John error 1705 Hello! FYI: I've just posted a new entry to the Foxite FAQ Section. Title: error 1705 Description: I have the above error displaying in my program whenever i run it. even after checking that nobody else is accessing theprogram, the probem still pesists Category: Errors & Debugging URL: http://www.foxite.com/faq/default.aspx?id=33 Enjoy!

Error 1705 Report
Thread ID: 37159 XFOX Stasiulevicius Error 1705 Report Dears: - I have an aplication maked with VFP6 SP5 -Running in a linux server -the users have all rights (Read/Write) -The reports are out of the exe all reports was printed ok, but some times on the end/close/exit I have the following error message "Error 1705" so what do you think are the errors from my program? best regards Oscar Argentina *-------------------------CODE--------------- public Myreporte, titulo_reporte,prtname,newname,MyHtmlName Myreporte = "a5000_1" titulo_reporte = " Titulares y sus adherentes " prtname = set("printer",2) newname = "Reporte de " + titulo_reporte =MyPreview

Error 1705 when running Report
Thread ID: 367659 jurgen meyer Error 1705 when running Report Hello Here, I have an app for multi-users with option to print a receipt. I use "Report form 1705 File Access is Denied. Can anyone tell me does it mean the
Error From Vfp9 sp2 application
Thread ID: 255099 Bhoopathy kalaivani Error From Vfp9 sp2 application Dear Experts, Create Cursor curcolsum (BillNo c(5)) Alter Table curcolsum Add &fld number(8,2) The following error occur the above statements run time Date......: 02/03/2010 13:25:14 Error No..: 1705 Event.....: FORM1.COLUMNDISPLAY Line No...: 10 Message...: File access is denied c:\docume~1\user\locals~1\temp\00001xqx0020.tmp. Statement.: SELECT what is the file missing in operating system (Windows XP) or virus? thanking you P.Bhoopathy

Error Handler error() function problem
Thread ID: 209188 Khurram Tahir Error Handler error() function problem Use Astock2 Exclusive ON ERROR DO SLTN WITH ; ERROR( ), MESSAGE( ), MESSAGE(1), PROGRAM( ), LINENO( ) Sltn.prg PARAMETER merror, mess, mess1, mprog, mlineno IF merror = 1707 && STRUCTURE CDX NOT FOUND GOON8=0 mans=0+16+0 MESSAGEBOX("Your tables are not indexed run re-indexing to re-create order of tables from the desktop",mans,"Index corrupted") QUIT ENDIF IF merror = 1705 && File access is denied GOON8=0 mans=0+16+0 MESSAGEBOX("File access is denied , Open by another user on the network or Program running twice on Pc",mans,"Access

Error in Setup wizard
Thread ID: 13457 EaglesFive Error in Setup wizard Hi, I've use the setup wiz in my desktop (win98) w/out a problem. Recently I've got a new laptop running on win XP. When I run the setup wiz, I keep getting Error msg 1705 in makedisks(0): File access is denied; followed by error 13 in setupwizard.form1.pageframe1.page2.chkdepfile.ControlSource(0):Alias 'OENGINE' is not found. (Errors appear after I click "finish.") What's going on here. Any suggestion will be appreciated. thanks, EaglesFive

ERROR() always returns 0
. In the command window type ON ERROR DO HHERR USE database exclusive I get 1705 File access is denied (which is correct because the file is deliberately open in a different program) BUT if I go into the code, set a break..., type ON ERROR DO HHERR, BRWSE I get 1705 File access is denied which is fine. So all is working again. I presume therefore I have by accident set something in my code that has effectively redefined Error() I've looked at all

Error: 1705
Thread ID: 38404 Edgar Salcedo Error: 1705 Hi, i'm having spontaneous message error: Error: 1705 File Access is denied Method navrefresh Line: 94 How can i fix this problem? Thanks for the help.

File Access Denied (1705) w/ IDX File
Thread ID: 101339 Harry Rivera File Access Denied (1705) w/ IDX File Hello All, I'm upgrading a desktop application originally written in FP 2.5 for DOS. The users of this app have this installed on a single desktop and have enabled Windows file and printer sharing to allow other desktops to access the application. Whenever 2 users are accessing a form where I'm doing an 'INDEX ON {field} TO {filename}', the 2nd user gets error 1705 saying that access is denied on the .idx file. To my knowledge this wasn't a problem in the old DOS based application. Why is it happening in 9.0? Anyway around this? Thanks -Harry

File Access Denied.dbc Error
Thread ID: 241652 Binod Binani File Access Denied.dbc Error I am using VPF Native Database. In DE Settings of the Form I used: autoopentables=.f. in the load event, i used : *** DE Settings ** Database directed to Particular folder ** STORE ADDBS("&data_dir") TO gcdatapath ThisForm.SetAll("Database",gcdatapath+"account.DBC","Cursor") ThisForm.Dataenvironment.opentables() But, when there r more than one user using the application, I got error message "FILE ACCESS IS DENIED Q:\DATA1009.SHR\ACCOUNT.DBC" Error No.:1705 I had also tried by putting the code "ThisForm.SetAll("exclusive", .f., "Cursor")" in load event, but did not work. "Q:" is mapped drive(network). PKG is called

File access issues
Thread ID: 387978 Travis Wigfield File access issues We are experiencing file access issues in our foxpro application. The errors appear to be random and have been occurring on multiple files. We use free tables. This application has ran for years without these access issues but started a few months ago and have become increasingly more common. It is to the point that our clients are having to reboot their servers every morning and even sometimes during the course of the business day. Nothing has changed within the application so we are thinking this may be a Windows related issue. The errors we are experiencing are: Error 1705: File access denied xxx.cdx Error 111: Cannot update cursor xxx since

Have security updates broken my program
Updates and after installing the first on the list (KB890046) the same area of the program crashed with Error 1705 "File access is denied", he gets the error whether he access the software directly on the server (not using Citrix

How we know that file is used by others
Thread ID: 282337 Anup Singh How we know that file is used by others Dear Friends Is there any way to know that file is used by other user.Currently i am using error no 1705 but it will take time to return value.Is there any way to know it very fast. With regards Anup Singh (Managing Director) MARG Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. 9, Community Center-II, Ashok Vihar Phase II, Delhi-110052 (India) Phone : +91-11-27416972 Website : http://www.margcompusoft.com Email : anup@margcompusoft.com My Blogs : http://marginventory.blogspot.com Erasers are for people who make errors. But a better saying: Erasers are for people willing to correct their mistakes.

Intermittent error 1705 on CREATE TABLE
Thread ID: 400995 Tamar Granor Intermittent error 1705 on CREATE TABLE I'm running into something weird and I'm out of ideas. This is one of those things that happens only occasionally. As part of a complex process, I create a set of DBFs on the fly. (The simple explanation is that they're an intermediate step between an object model and an XML file.) Every now and then, a user gets error 1705: "File access denied" on the CREATE TABLE command for one of these files. Sometimes, it's for the DBF; sometimes, for the FPT. The files are being created in the user's data folder, which is in the appropriate location (Users\Public\Public Documents\...). I added code last week to make sure the problem

is it possible to program in VFP a volume control
Thread ID: 1705 rommel santillan is it possible to program in VFP a volume control is there anyway to put into code a volume control...? (wondering) Thanx Rommel

Kaspersky and Error 1705
Thread ID: 332415 Rajesh Samadia Kaspersky and Error 1705 Hi All, If you are using Kaspersky Antivirus Software and facing the Error 1705 on running VFP Application Exe do the Following 1. Right Click on Application Shortcut and Select SafeRun 2. OR Go to Settings of Kaspersky and Deselect Proactive Defense (OFF) Regards Rajesh Samadia

Thread ID: 367725 Koen Piller Loader Hi, The use of a loader.prg to make the updating of an existing exe easier is known, but not known - at least to me is is trick from Tore to manipulate the Report and Label files (*.frx, *.lbl)differently in order to prevent error(1705) Maybe Tore is willing to explain more in detail how this done. Regards. Koen

Low level file access
Thread ID: 157179 Bhoopathy kalaivani Low level file access Dear Experts, I have access a file Current Date File with extension .TXT example: 2008-07-01.TxT The file is in a telephone system. As follow: *13 07/01 MON 16:11 01 100 OUT9843218272 21 the above type of data received from EPABX Memmory at any time my customer call telephone So the data was above stored in 2008-07-01.TxT. I can access a 2008-07-01.Txt file select teletran append from 'c:\telesystem\2008-07-01.Txt' TYPE SDF the above line create a error is File Access is Denied C:\telesystem\2008-07-01.txt Error.No.:1705 How is salve this problem? Telesystem create one row of data at the end of telephone

McAfee causing DB processing errors
Thread ID: 131685 Tom Young McAfee causing DB processing errors Hi all, Several people who use a VFP app I wrote that has been working fine for years suddenly are getting errors after having McAfee antivirus installed on their machines. Strangely, McAfee will trigger a 1705 error "File access is denied" while processing a local table that was just created on the C: drive by the "CREATE TABLE" command. It doesn't happen right away, only after several hundred iterations. Also, there does not seem to be any problem doing data entry, presumably because the system is doing very little data processing. When McAfee is disabled, everything runs fine. Has anybody seen this problem before and have a fix

On Error, record lock failure causes program to quit
merror = 3 or merror=1705 messagebox ("System is currently undergoing maintenance, please contact a programmer for assistance"+chr(13)+chr(10)+; "Dan Roché: 328") case merror = 109 messagebox ("This record is locked

RE: .exe throws system error bypassing error code
. I just as same as all of you. I still need to learn from my mistakes... WebLog: http://ckkiet.blogspot.com Error is Native VFP message saying "Sharing Violation, File access is denied. " Error no 1705. ravi

RE: .exe throws system error bypassing error code
. I still need to learn from my mistakes... WebLog: http://ckkiet.blogspot.com > Error is Native VFP message saying "Sharing Violation, File access is denied. " Error no 1705. ravi I am not the most powerful man in this world

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