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A few new features
;) will automatically convert into a clickable link. When this link is clicked, a special readonly Thread Viewer is displayed. You can resize the Thread Window by dragging the resize-button at the lower right. Unread messages

A very basic question
PC or their choice. Then my main form (mentioned above) opens in this screen. If I remove this 'custom' screen I can't move my main form. It seems to need the 'custom' screen and its title bar to allow a 'dragging' across the screen

Add Cellproperties to Flexgrid?
Thread ID: 76379 john smith Add Cellproperties to Flexgrid? It would be great if someone knew how to do this! By the way... I have successfully implimented an excelent drag n drop program for scheduling with msflexgrid! There is two total grids one that acts as a bank that you can drag from and one that you drag to that acts as a timeline... Then you can drag within the timeline.. It works pretty smooth! when you drag over a cell it turns red too! And the one you drag from turns blue as you are dragging! I definately encourage the use of the flexgrid! But anyway i need a way to add properties to cells.. To Store cell-dependent time information.

Any shortcuts in saving / restoring grid layouts?
Thread ID: 35054 Larry Maz Any shortcuts in saving / restoring grid layouts? I'm trying to allow a user to save the current -- or restore a former -- grid layout. By layout, I mean the positioning and widths of the various columns. I can certainly, for example, assign an array element to each columns with in that property by doing this: =gaColumnWidth[1] (for the first column, for ex) It seems to evaluate once at runtime, and then loses the association to the array variable, for example, a dragging of that columns width is not subsequently updating the array variable. Fine, no problem, if absolutely necessary, I will reference each column by name and assign the array var the new value at the time

Back In The Game
FOXPRO programmers in the area? Thanks Paul D'Anna I thought I was free, but they keep dragging me back!!! (GODFATHER III)

Beta: VFP-to-Web Homepage Organizer
for subcategories underneath – so the links are put on the subscategories not the parent category. Drag Drop using “Ghosts” The most complicated technique in this program is probably the way dragging and dropping of the Groups

Can't copy class with MS Calendar control ?
Thread ID: 2537 Jamie Osborn Can't copy class with MS Calendar control ? I've made a datepickertextbox class whch is a container with a textbox and an (OLE) MS Calendar control in it. Probably a common control that people make for their apps and it all works fine. I made it visually in the class designer. If I try to copy the class from one vcx to another by dragging and dropping in the class designer I get an error : "Object class is invalid for this container. Class containing OLE object is being ignored". What is the soluton to this problem ? If I go into the copied class and add a MS Calendar control and copy the code,properites/methods etc from the original class to the copied class all is fine

Changing Column Widths
Thread ID: 49682 Geoff Hetherington Changing Column Widths Is it possible to allow the user to simply vary a column width by left or right clicking in the header area rather than accurately locating the edge and dragging it? e.g. in Click of a Header - ThisForm.Grid1.Column1.Width = INT(ThisForm.Grid1.Column1.Width * 1.1) I have tried this with no response. I tried using the Scalemode property at Foxels and using txtwidth() to dynamically set the column widths but they were too wide. Maybe having 12 point default on the form and 8point on the grid was the problem? Any suggestions will be much appreciated. GDH

Chg. Project Drag/Drop (IntelliDrop)
Thread ID: 189738 Steve Dingle Chg. Project Drag/Drop (IntelliDrop) Heya All, I want to add more functionality when dragging/dropping fields from projects onto forms/classes and I am having a hard time figuring out where I might intercept the "drop" to add my own code. I know how to do the field/label control mapping in order to get my classes but I also want to change/add: - how the label and control are aligned. - add ":" to the end of the label - define the distance between control and label - Add my comments to control Status bar text property and assorted other things of that nature. I thought I might be able to use a project hook but none of the available events seem to get triggered. Thought

Client Server Vs File Server
.) Whether my server is already having File server as default. 2.) Please suggest me on how i can make my data access faster. 3.) What are the other methods i can try to get the access to database instaed of dragging them to the form's

Creating my own wizard!!!
Thread ID: 41791 Khalil Shaddad Creating my own wizard!!! Hi, I want to implement the following senario but have no idea about how to do. When adding an object (lets say MyGrid object) onto my form by dragging/CreateObject, I want to initiate a wizard in which I will be asked to feed some properties' values; afterwhich this wizard will create MyGrid with a preassigned properties. Is this possible? or I am dreaming. Khalil Shaddad (Lebanon)

DAFUG - May 2012
Thread ID: 344467 Mary Pilon DAFUG - May 2012 Thursday, May 10, 2012 Detroit Area Fox User Group (DAFUG) presents: "Open Mike Night" - by Several Members 1) New Meeting Location Comfort Suites 24977 Northwestern Highway Southfield, MI 48076 2) "Open Mike Night" - by Several members A potporri of topics from members. Bring a laptop and share a topic in a short 10-20 minutes. Jody Meyer: SQL Server standards discussion. Frank Perez: SAMM (System Administrator Mail Monitor). Mike Collins : RCS Calendar modifications for dragging shape for multi-day selection. Rick Schummer: GoFish from VFPX 3) Anything else people want to talk about. We are always looking for volunteers and topics. Hope

difficulty using the controls in C# web
Thread ID: 405345 Leonard Trevor difficulty using the controls in C# web Dear Expert; New to wed applications. I am having difficult dragging and dropping the various objects to the the web form. You just can't move the objects (i.e. labels & textboxes etc etc) ones you've put them on the form. How do you overcome this? Pls provide a reliable reference site. I have tried to get a relevant reference site, all to no avail. The emphasis I observed is on the windows form. Alternatively provide a comprehensive web site for html Thanks 2.

difficulty using the controls in C# web
Thread ID: 405346 Leonard Trevor difficulty using the controls in C# web Dear Expert; New to web applications. I am having difficult dragging and dropping the various objects to the the web form. You just can't move the objects (i.e. labels & textboxes etc etc) ones you've put them on the form. How do you overcome this? Pls provide a reliable reference site. I have tried to get a relevant reference site, all to no avail. The emphasis I observed is on the windows form. Alternatively provide a comprehensive web site for html Thanks 2.

Drag and drop border in grid
Thread ID: 92835 Eve Julian Drag and drop border in grid Is there a way to change the border of an item you are dragging in a grid so that it encompases the whole row instead of just the column that is actually being dragged? Right now I have a grid that works like a listbox with buttons to the left of every record that allow you to drag and drop the records. Currently the button is the only object/column that gets the border when you click and drag. I'd like to expand that border so that it goes around every column in the row (like merging the columns) so you can see it better when you're doing the drag and drop. Clear as mud? Thanks. Eve

drag and drop I think
Thread ID: 249795 Dave JustDave drag and drop I think Hi all I have a database with about 10 records. These are items about to be sent to a report I want to display them in a listbox or grid (I prefer listbox)before printing, and allow the user to change the order of the items by clicking on an item and dragging it to the desired possition. I thought this was drag & drop, but when I play with the drag & drop my whole listbox starts moving. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks and have a great weekend.

Drag and Drop Listbox
Thread ID: 187730 Walt Ehle Drag and Drop Listbox Experts... I am dragging a selected row from a listbox and dropping it onto another listbox. The drag/drop works Ok. However, when dragging a row from the source listbox, the source listbox border, along with the source row, is being dragged also. (The border is not dropped.) This "border dragging" does not occur on my development PC, only on target PC's where VFP is not installed. Any ideas on how to prevent the source listbox "border" from being dragged. Thanks, Walt

Drag to select multiple grid rows.
Thread ID: 16875 Kurt Westerlund Drag to select multiple grid rows. I need to create a grid that will allow me to 'select' multiple rows in a grid the way a listbox can by dragging over the rows. I have code in the MouseEnter of a textbox in the grid that replaces a 'selected' logical field in the grid's table when nButton = 1. The problem I have is that the text box's MouseEnter will only fire for the row in the grid that has focus, not any row under the mouse pointer. Does anyone out there know how to fire the MouseEnter of a textbox in a grid? Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Drag&drop from treeview
Thread ID: 164704 Ciprian Zaharia Drag&drop from treeview Hi I'm working on the form shown in the picture. I used the example from the VFP sample to fill the tree with folders and to implement Drag&Drop from the tree to the list. ...

drag/drop a container
place on the form. But it does not move at all. I think it is because the image object covered the parent container and hide it. So what should I do to make the whole container move by dragging its member object, e.g., the image object

Dragging a list item up and down.
Thread ID: 343858 Tony Vignone Dragging a list item up and down. In the Firefox Bookmarks or Internet Explorer Favorites, you can drag an item up or down and insert it into a new location in the list. Does anyone have such a class or know of such a class where you can drag an item of a list to a new location? The list can be a listbox, grid, or editbox. If there is no such class and you wanted to make one, which base class would you start with? Tony

Dragging problem
Thread ID: 91753 Bozhidar Bozhanov Dragging problem Hello. I need some help with dragging. I want the user to drag an image all over the form. While dragging, the dragged image must disappear (visible=.f.) and instead of it, another image should be shown. I tried creating a .cur file (for dragIcon), but it is resized to 32x32 in FoxPro, and I need about 132x36. Solutions?

dragging value from grid
Thread ID: 174320 Tamer Abdel Muti dragging value from grid Dear Experts I have got a grid connected with a table , how can I put the mouse pointer on a text of one of the colunms in the grid and drag the value to the form to create an image immediatly Thanks In advance Tamer

Error in class.
Thread ID: 97261 gurinder singh kainth Error in class. Hi I am getting error 'field' phrase not found. I am using classes. I have made all data entry screens in one class say forms.vcx . I am calling a particular form by newobject and given referrence of the class. In all forms I am dragging labels and textbox from class from another class say class1.vcx. In this class all classes of labels, forms, textbox,commandgroup, check box and so on. In only one data entry form I am getting error, field phrase not found whereas all field exists in table same as forms object. Can anyone solve my problem. Thanks Gurinder Singh Kainth

Excel PivotTable Automation
Fees and Avg. Fees from the Values section, then manually add them back by dragging to the Values section, they then get added in as new columns, not rows, so it looks like this: Region Data Central East

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