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Advanced Grid Class
Thread ID: 292100 Garth Groft Advanced Grid Class I have to choose an advanced grid class for an application. For maximum flexibility, a VFP grid class (vcx) is preferred with the capability to do sorting and display sort asc or desc images in the field headers and provide alternating row background colors no matter how the grid's record source is sorted or filtered. Visual Extend and FoxInCloud have demo apps having these capabilities. Your suggestions are appreciated. Garth Groft

Chicago FUDG - Tues. 8 Mar 2011
Thread ID: 297295 Randy Bosma Chicago FUDG - Tues. 8 Mar 2011 Since the dawn of the Internet, owners of useful and stable FoxPro applications have asked, "Isn't there some way to adapt my code to become an Internet application?" Tuvia Vinitsky recently wrote us, "I have been doing some prelim work with the FoxinCloud system, and, although I was not prepared to be, I am actually pretty excited about it. I was wondering if the group would be interested in me doing a topic on it?" We said: yes! Join us on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at Tech Nexus, 200 S. Wacker, Suite 1500 at 5:30 pm. The RSVP link is http://j.mp/geuWmw Check out the video tuorial/screencast at http://www.foxincloud.com Next month

Essential PHP,ASP,JS for VFP Websites
Thread ID: 340946 Dan Baker Essential PHP,ASP,JS for VFP Websites Foxites: There's much discussion in this forum about moving VFP to the web.   And thanks to the hard work of a few, several options are now available to us: Westwind Connection, ActiveVFP, FoxinCloud and others. For me, VFP vs. web languages is not an either/or proposition.   My strategy is to stay with VFP but meet the web languages halfway.   Maybe 90% of my web work is done in VFP and the remainder is in other languages.  : In my case, I let my VFP desktop do most of the heavy lifting, such as creating and loading static pages to my website.   And to do that effectively, I use a few highly useful functions

FAA supports all VFP code pages
Thread ID: 353139 Thierry Nivelet FAA supports all VFP code pages FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant now supports all code pages supported by VFP, including double byte far east languages Supported code pages are: 874 Thai Windows 932 Japanese Windows 936 Chinese Simplified (PRC, Singapore) Windows 949 Korean Windows 950 Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan) Windows 1250 Eastern European Windows 1251 Russian Windows 1252 Windows ANSI 1253 Greek Windows 1254 Turkish Windows 1255 Hebrew Windows 1256 Arabic Window FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA) is a free tool to adapt any extent VFP application to the Web You can download FAA for free at http://foxincloud.com/download.php

Thread ID: 344726 Thierry Nivelet FAA: SET COMPATIBLE issue fixed Hi, Until now, FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA) did not take care of Set('Compatible') If VFP9's default registry setting was SET COMPATIBLE ON or DB4, Array assignments and DIMENSION were incorrect. Some related issue was reported in the past, such as 'Array dimensions are invalid' or 'Invalid index', etc. We did not figure out at that time that it was simply due to SET COMPATIBLE ON in VFP9... if you ever experienced it. You can grab FAA for free at http://foxincloud.com/download.php Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Offer your VFP app a new life in the Cloud

Fox in Cloud
Thread ID: 362833 Mohammad Irfan Fox in Cloud Dear Experts, I've just watched this video on youtube and wondered... Please argument is it safe, free (as claimed) and do you recommend to beginners to learn and adopt it? http://www.yo...

Thread ID: 328587 Didio Libânio foxincloud does anyone know foxincloud?

Thread ID: 372317 Kayode Adeniyi FoxInCloud Foxites, Is there anyone here that have used a product called FoxInCloud. If so, would you be willing to comment on your experience. Regards, Kayode Adeniyi

Thread ID: 376730 Allan Cerrudo FoxInCloud Hi Everyone, I stumbled on this website http://foxincloud.com/index.php, when I search for some sample VFoxpro apps. It interest me. Are Any foxite member here using this? Thanks.

FoxInCloud - fresh news
Thread ID: 303832 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud - fresh news Hi All, Better late than never, I'd like to give you some fresh news about FoxInCloud. Since beginning of March, we've been very busy on 2 major achievements: (1) Assist an important client to webify a large application with FoxInCloud Named 'bioSilSQL', this application completely manages a group of biological laboratories for human medecine. App. is used in a heavy production environment, 1 patient every 3 minutes, gathering analysis results, maintaining accounts, etc. Application has 50 forms, 25 reports, 50,000 inst. and PostGreSQL back-end for a total close to 2,000 objects and 1,200 events managed by FoxInCloud

FoxInCloud and Other Stuff
Thread ID: 374789 Pete Sass FoxInCloud and Other Stuff Hi Foxitians, Just wanted to share this with you all in the forum. I have a large client in Florida that will be running some rather large VFP applications all targeting SQL Server 2008 database backends. Involved in this project as well is a lot of custom updating into various client's QuickBooks accounting systems. This part if very complex and we are going to be using a product called CoreObjX that if you... the QuickBooks database. Kind of hard to get use to how the CoreObjX syntax works, but we have most of this now figured out. Now onto FoxInCloud . . . My client has purchased FoxInCloud and my task is to setup a new

FoxInCloud Pricing Released
Thread ID: 318095 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Pricing Released Hi All, FoxInCloud released its pricing policy, inspired by community feedback. With FoxInCloud, you can now expose an existing VFP app to the web for US$ 649 and less than 2% code adaptation. Full details on: http://foxincloud.com/pricing.php http://foxincloud.com/shared-projects.php http://foxincloud.com/download.php Thank you, Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Offer your VFP app a new life in the Cloud

FoxInCloud V 1.10 released!
Thread ID: 337977 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud V 1.10 released! Hi, The FoxInCloud team is proud to release version 1.10, a major upgrade to both FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA), and FoxInCloud Application Server (FAS). A major enhancement brought by this release is a support for VFP event model very close to 100%, among which support for: - the .When() event, even in grid cells - the .KeyPress() event, - the Form.KeyPreview property capturing .KeyPress() at form level prior to control level. Extended event support of version 1.10 dramatically increases your ability to adapt your application to the Web with FoxInCloud! Make sure to run FoxInCloud Adaptation

FoxInCloud V 1.20 released!
Thread ID: 344116 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud V 1.20 released! AUTOMATED DEVELOPMENT SERVER INSTALLATION! Many FoxinCloud users expected this feature, version 1.20 brings it to you! FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA) step 3 (Publish) now creates your Web application on http://localhost/ and displays a forms test page where you can see your application's forms live in your default browser. Version 1.20 also brings you many additional features, fixes and enhancements that you will appreciate in your daily FoxInCloud developement process. Make sure you run FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant* version 1.20! * If you haven't got it yet, download FoxInCloud Adaptation

FoxInCloud version 2.0 is available!
Thread ID: 392316 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud version 2.0 is available! FoxInCloud version 2.0 is available! This release is a major step forward in FoxInCloud development, hence a direct jump from version 1.30 up to version 2.00. Version 2.0 brings long-expected features such as: Support for VFP menus (menu bars, shortcuts, .mnx, SKIP FOR,...), Support for PUBLIC variables, _Screen.properties and _VFP.properties (saved and restored for each user...]\tools\ab\aw\Samples\ 'A-Z tutorial' on http://foxincloud.com/how-to.php and much more ... This extensive list of new features cuts the adaptation ratio HALF, from an average 1.9% down to less than 1%: 40 projects analysed with FoxInCloud

FoxInCloud video showcase posted
Thread ID: 322171 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud video showcase posted Hi all, We just posted a video showcase featuring a real-life "FoxInCloudified" application in production for several months. This application manages a network of biological analysis laboratories from end to end with 60 forms, 35 reports, connexion to analysers and more. You can see this video from FoxInCloud home page: http://foxincloud.com/ Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Offer your VFP app a new life in the Cloud

FoxInCloud, a brief update
Thread ID: 286525 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud, a brief update Hi all, FoxInCloud releases today Version 2 beta of its Adaptation Assistant, including 2 new key features : (1) Test mode: copies your project directory structure to a 'test' folder before analysis or adaptation ; ensures your production source code is preserved and lets you try some adaptation in the safest conditions. (2) Automated Adaptations: throughout your application/project, replaces VFP native classes by your set of FoxInCloud sub-classes, and performs adaptations tagged 'automated' during analysis. This release fits FoxInCloud roadmap perfectly, major next release will be by the end of this year: Adaptation

FoxInCloud, improved demos
Thread ID: 288586 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud, improved demos About FoxInCloud demos, 1/ Tastrader demo, grid refresh http://www.foxincloud.com/demos.php Grid refresh is now smoother and 2x faster, column width is preserved, delivering a user experience very close to a desktop VFP application 2/ Laptop catalog demo, complex update form http://zenbuyer.com/ws/pcpsliders.asp When hovering a product presentation (laptop computer), by clicking the pencil... desktop application 'webified' with FoxInCloud. Enjoy! Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Give your VFP app a new life on the Web

FoxInCloud, on-line survey
Thread ID: 288839 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud, on-line survey Hi all, To know more about "webifying" and/or "cloudifying" a VFP app, feel free to complete our on-line survey, and learn from results http://bit.ly/hzPMRE Merry xmas to all Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Give your VFP app a new life on the Web

FoxInCloud: 4 new videos on air!
Thread ID: 353261 Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud: 4 new videos on air! Hi All, You might be interested in seeing a set of 4 videos giving an in-depth - and lively - presentation of FoxInCloud http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZvCeJfjNDo&feature=share&list=PLE18E09A1068D8C82 Enjoy! Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Offer your VFP app a new life in the Cloud

is there anyone who tried FoxInCloud web
Thread ID: 388527 Navid Motahar is there anyone who tried FoxInCloud web hi every one . last week i saw foxincloud product , it seems great in some aspects , is there any one who worked with ?

Migration path for VFP-Projects
Thread ID: 327456 Rolf Otto Migration path for VFP-Projects Hi all, at the moment there are two products promising a migration path for VFP-Projects: www.lianja.com www.alaska-software.com Maybe in the future there will be others. Thierry Nivelet from FoxInCloud (www.foxincloud.com) for example said in another forum, that they think about creating a VFP-Compiler to Java or another platform. Actually none of these projects is completed, so we have to wait. But there is something we can do. We can let them know, that we are interested in their products. So everybody should visit there websites, create an account and download the beta- or preview-versions. The more people are interested, the greater

Philadelphia VFP User Group-Tues Apr 12
on an invoice payment application developed in two distinct VFP-based web servers, VFP2IIS and FoxInCloud. FoxInCloud utilizes West Wind Web Connect, Active Widgets and FoxInCloud's own unique Application Adapter Assistant

RE: .net programming
Thread ID: 329907 Thierry Nivelet RE: .net programming Hi Paul, Very interesting indeed, It looks like a life-or-death issue for companies living on a large VFP code base. That's why we came up to the idea of FoxInCloud: same VFP code base for LAN and Web. When you push your VFP code base to a web server and sell your app in a SaaS model, you not only fulfill the fashion trends, but no one cares what technology your server is running on, you don't even have to justify... with a full set of functionalities you gained from your 15+year experience. As FoxInCloud interface is standard HTML/CSS/JS, you can easily restyle your application to modern web design and clients will believe it's a brand new

RE: .net programming
; no car seller ever talks of the engine any more, it's just like implied. Thierry Nivelet FoxInCloud Offer your VFP app a new life in the Cloud

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