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SQL Passthrough General Questions
load event: OPEN DATABASE picktickmain SET EXCLUSIVE OFF loconnectstring = "DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=PROPHET21;UID=XXX; PWD=XXX;DATABASE=P21;Network=DBMSSOCN" gnhandle = SQLSTRINGCONNECT (loconnectstring, .t.)
SQL Progress Bar
Thread ID: 209120 subhankar pandey SQL Progress Bar Hi Friends, How would I define progess bar while opening SqlStringConnect(), bcoz sometime some of the users hv no patience to wait they need progess bar. Below is the code for more details:- cStr=_ConnectionStr lcConn = SQLSTRINGCONNECT(cStr) &&-- I need progress bar here If lcConn<0 Messagebox("Could not connect to the Database at this time.",16,"Error") Return Endif awaiting yr comments. regards subhankar

SQL query results display.
Thread ID: 212678 Yehuda Epstein SQL query results display. Hi, I am successfully executing the following query (no runtime errors), but how can I see the results (in a table format)? lcConn = ; SQLSTRINGCONNECT("Driver=SQL Server;Server=NA30;Database=FP_SQL;Trusted_Connection=Yes") ** Executing a query lcSQL = "select * from A_ZC_CODE_final" = sqlexec(lcConn,lcSQL,"MyCursor") Thanks, Yehuda.

SQL Server
Thread ID: 208294 milan SQL Server Dear Expert, I'm new in SPT. I hv a connection string towards my sql server2005(SPT) backend, but not able to open the table. i.e. cStr = "Driver={Sql Server};Server=EDI\MYSQL;uid=sa;pwd=s;Database=CaTest;Trusted_Connection=no;" oConn = SQLSTRINGCONNECT(cStr) If oConn<0 Messagebox("Could not connect to the Database at this time.",16,"Error") Return Endif SQLSETPROP(oConn,"IdleTimeout",0) abcd=SQLEXEC(oConn,"Use Master1") if abcd<0 Aerror(aer) Messagebox(aer[2]) SQLDISCONNECT(oConn) Return Endif Here I can not open the Master1.dbf the error msg is Awating yr advise no2). How to delete records master1.dbf trough SPT, any

SQL Server 2000 connection string
Thread ID: 293909 prasanna kunder SQL Server 2000 connection string Hi Experts i am using sql server 2000, my server ip address is and server name is /twostar/sqlserver twostar is local computer name my sql server port is 1433 now i am trying to connect database from sqlstringconnect() m.DSNLess = "Driver={SQL Server};server=,1433;Database=Northwind;uid=sa;pwd=" lnConnHandle=SQLSTRINGCONNECT(m.DSNLess) it's showing me a error please any one can help me solve this problem prasanna

SQL Server CE 3.5 SP1
Thread ID: 221879 M. Akram Bhatti SQL Server CE 3.5 SP1 Hello Everyone, I want to connect to SQL Server CE 3.5 sp1 from VFP 9. I have downloaded the latest version and installed on my pc. I can connect to SQL CE 3.5 from SQL Server Management Studio as well as from Visual Basic 2008 Express (Database Explorer) but when I try to connect to it through VFP, a dialogue opens asking "Select Data Source". I tried to add Data Source but could not find the driver for SQL Server CE 3.5 in the list. I can see SQL Native Client (2005), SQL Server (2000) and SQL Server Native Client 10.0 (2008) but cannot find driver for CE 3.5 sp1. My connection string is as below: ch = SQLSTRINGCONNECT("Provider=Microsoft.SQLSERVER.CE.OLEDB.3.5

SQL Server connection
Thread ID: 38657 ODIER ETIENNE SQL Server connection I have a Foxpro application which involves an SQL Server connection. The application works fine on the machine on which it has been developped. Now when I install it on another computer no connection can take place. The following code was used for tests: STORE SQLSTRINGCONNECT('driver={SQL Server};server=;uid=eom;pwd=*******') TO gnConnHandle IF gnConnHandle < 0 = MESSAGEBOX('Cannot make connection', 16, 'SQL Connect Error') ELSE = MESSAGEBOX('Connection made', 48, 'SQL Connect Message') = SQLDISCONNECT(gnConnHandle) ENDIF The password in the code is replaced here by '*****' for security reasons. I disabled the firewall

SQL Server Connection Error On Cloud.
= GetTextEncrypt(GetInterNetFile("http://www.MyUrl.com/SQLINFO.TXT")) m.lnHandle = Sqlstringconnect(m.lcConnection) If m.lnHandle < 0 RETURN .F. ELSE RETURN .T. Endif ENDPROC
Regards Ugur Amateur Programmer

Sql Server Connection String
Thread ID: 367021 Ahsan Rana Sql Server Connection String Hi Experts The following Connection String I am Using for SQL Server 2005 and now I want to Upgrade to Ms SQL Server 2008 R2. Can any one help to correct the following String for Ms SQL 2008 R2 mStr = "Driver={Sql Native Client}; Server=.\SQLExpress; Uid=sa; Pwd=abc; Database=abc3;" mConn = SQLSTRINGCONNECT(mStr) Rgds: Ahsan Rana

SQL Server Remote Connect via IP
: gnSQLConn = SQLStringConnect("Data Source=,1433;Network Library=DBMSSOCN;Initial Catalog=AutoShop;User ID=sa;Password=sa2008") In the final version I will not be using the sa password, just using it how until I get the remote connection working. My problem I think is maybe the syntax in the SQLStringConnect() as the port forwarding is working and port 1433 is definately open. Post what connection string syntax you are using

SQL Server Update Conflict
Thread ID: 372535 Pete Sass SQL Server Update Conflict Hi Foxitians, Here is one I do not seem to be able to pin-point the issue with. Below is code example to update SQL Server backend table being called in my form's LOAD event: * --- Disable the SQL Server's auto login screen if the connection failed. = SQLSETPROP(0, "DispLogin", 3) * --- SQL Server ADO string is working as well. gnSQLConn = SQLStringConnect("DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=,1433;UID=sa;PWD=xxxxxx;DATABASE=LicensingMgr") * --- Verify if connection was successful or not. IF gnSQLConn < 0 = MESSAGEBOX("Connection failed. Possible reasons: You have entered in the incorrect IP ; address or listening port. You

Thread ID: 341415 Khurram Tahir SQL Sever 2008 & SQLSTRINGCONNECT OS = Win-XP-Prof-SP3 System = Local Creating Database and then table in SQL Server 2008 then try connecting in VFP9 lnCS=SQLSTRINGCONNECT("DRIVER={SQL Server Native Client 10.0};Server=TWO\sqlexpress;Database=MYSP;trusted_connection=yes") Var lnCS showing Value 2 ; What it means Connected or something Else ?

SQL string connect for MySQL 4.1
Thread ID: 142743 Duffy Weber SQL string connect for MySQL 4.1 Howdy! I'm trying to get connected to a MySQL database on a client's website using SQLSTRINGCONNECT(). Here's what I've tried so far: **nSqlConnex = SQLSTRINGCONNECT("Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=marshbuild.net;Port=3306;Database=database_name;User=user_name;Password=abc123;Option=3;" ) and also: nSqlConnex = SQLSTRINGCONNECT("Driver={mySQL};Server=www.marshbuild.net;Port=3306;Option=131072;Stmt=; Database=data_base_name;Uid=user_name_here;Pwd=passwordhere" ) (obviously with the correct values thrown in on the real version for UID password and DB name). Follow it up with this: lSucceeded = SQLEXEC

SQL Syntax
Thread ID: 212200 selvy andryani SQL Syntax Hi all, I have this syntax below, but this part (orderdate=SQLSTRINGCONNECT("Description=free01;DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=;UID=sa;PWD=plllll;APP=Microsoft (R) Visual FoxPro;WSID=Mff;DATABASE=free") if sqlexec(nConn, "update fnl_sql set fnl_sql.status='SHIPPED' where orderdate=
SQL syntax is too long
*my code*) but it is still not working. Thanks *Mr Anders' code nConn=SQLSTRINGCONNECT( "ODBC connection string from www.connectionstrings.com") IF nConn >0 USE dbftable SCAN lnSuccess= SQLEXEC(nConn, [INSERT INTO sqlservertable VALUES (?dbftable.col1, ?dbftable.col2,,, )]) IF lnSuccees = -1 AERROR(aa) IF Messagebox(aa(2),1 ,48)=2 EXIT ENDIF ENDIF ENDSCAN ENDIF *my code* nConn=SQLSTRINGCONNECT

Sql to FoxPro textbox
Thread ID: 215445 Pantet Sql to FoxPro textbox how to display the sql data in my textbox?!!! this is my command to my form.load LOCAL hConn hConn = SQLSTRINGCONNECT("driver=sql server;server=tailin63;trusted_connection=yes;database=Database_task") Pantetâ„¢

SQL-Server VFP8
Thread ID: 96603 Carlos Lima SQL-Server VFP8 Please what's wrong with this code? lcconexion = Sqlstringconnect("Driver={SQL Server};Server=USERPC;Database=pubs;Uid=sa;Pwd=sa;") sqlexec(lcconexion,"use pubs;") && INSERTAR ALGUN VALOR valor1="193311126" valor2="Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Ramos Lima" valor3=42 valor4="231 77 66" valor5="Madeiralzinho" valor6="Mindelo" valor7="CV" valor8="2097" valor9="1" lcejecutar = "INSERT INTO authors (au_id,au_lname,au_fname,phone,address,city,state,zip,contract)"+; "VALUES ('"+ valor1 +"','"+ valor2 +"','"+ valor3 +"','"+ valor4 +"','"+ valor5 +"','"+ valor6 +"','"+ valor7 +"','"+ valor8 +"','"+ valor9 +"')" If sqlexec(lcconexion

sqlconnect vs. sqlstringconnect()
Thread ID: 19320 Vlado Brocek sqlconnect vs. sqlstringconnect() Hi, my task is like that: from my computer in local network to connect remote database using odbc source on another computer in local network (the odbc not installed on my computer) sqlconnect() seems not to be usable - needs local data source, i think i've tried sqlstringconnect() with another computer's name like "server=" parameter, but connection was not established is such a task possible at all? (i'm using vfp 5.0) thanks vlado

Thread ID: 48809 xtian nojimas sqlconnectionstring Hi, Anybody can help me with this. I use connection string to connect to the sql server, my code goes like this: conHandle = Sqlstringconnect("DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=SQLSVR;DATABASE=dataBaseName;PWD = 123;UID=user1") = SQLEXEC(conHandle,'Select field1, field2 from tableName','tempCursor') I can't use trusted connection because the server won't allow it. What will I do so that the SQL SERVER LOGIN Dialog Box will not appear Thanks in Advance. xtian May The Fox Be With You!

Thread ID: 222291 ChengTing Tsai SqlDisConnect Hi VFP Experts ~~ I use CursorAdapter to get date from SQL Server. ====================================================== the code in Load Event lcConnectionString = "Driver=SQL Server;Server=ServerName;database=MyDB;UID=sa;PWD=" lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString,.T.) This.AddProperty("Product",Createobject("caProduct")) This.Product.CursorFill(.T.) This.AddProperty("Export",Createobject("caExport")) This.Export.CursorFill(.T.) SQLDisconnect(lnHandle) ====================================================== Sometimes there is a error happen "Connection is busy" pointed out to SQLDisconnect(lnHandle) I search the data in Help

Thread ID: 227917 ChengTing Tsai SqlDisConnect Hi VFP Experts Is the function different between SqlDisConnect(Specify lnHandle) and SqlDisConnect(0)? This is my code to try it lcConnectionString="Driver=SQL Server;Server=ServerName;database=&DB;trusted_connection =Yes" lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString,.T.) loMyTable = Createobject("caMyTable") lbMyTable = loMyTable.CursorFill(.T.) lbDisConnect = SQLDisconnect(lnHandle) && (OR lbDisConnect=SQLDisconnect..._connection =Yes" lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString,.T.) loMyTable = Createobject("caMyTable") lbMyTable = loMyTable.CursorFill(.T.) lbDisConnect = lbDisConnect=SQLDisconnect(0) lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString

Thread ID: 227905 ChengTing Tsai SqlDisConnect Hi VFP Experts Is the function different between SqlDisConnect(Specify lnHandle) and SqlDisConnect(0)? This is my code to try it lcConnectionString="Driver=SQL Server;Server=ServerName;database=&DB;trusted_connection =Yes" lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString,.T.) loMyTable = Createobject("caMyTable") lbMyTable = loMyTable.CursorFill(.T.) lbDisConnect = SQLDisconnect(lnHandle) && (OR lbDisConnect=SQLDisconnect... =Yes" lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString,.T.) loMyTable = Createobject("caMyTable") lbMyTable = loMyTable.CursorFill(.T.) lbDisConnect = lbDisConnect=SQLDisconnect(0) lnHandle=Sqlstringconnect(lcConnectionString

Thread ID: 181766 att tangs SQLEXEC HOW DO I INSERT THE VALUES FROM A TEXTFIELD OR COMBOBOX USING SQLEXEC THIS IS MY PROGRAM gh=sqlstringconnect(var1) sqlexec(gh,"insert into table1(name)values(thisform.text1.value)") to no avail i did not get the value in the text field to put it in my mysql database.

SQLExec Error
Thread ID: 226200 rudy bello SQLExec Error H! Expert, I would like to ask help for the following code I'm realy getting confuse with SQL Programming. I made a sample application and shared it to other network using a fileserver like USE "\\temp\database\billing.dbf" to open table in other pc. But I notice when the records become bigger and bigger the query is become slower so i decided to study DSN and ODBC to make Server for the Database and Table. I make a this code but has an error which i can't solve due to lack of knowledge. STORE SQLSTRINGCONNECT("DSN=tempDSN;UID=;PWD=;SourceDB=z:\;SourceType=DBF;Exclusive=No;BackgroundFetch=Yes;Collate=Machine;Null=Yes;Deleted=Yes;") TO gnConnHandle IF gnConnHandle

SQLEXEC is slow - the first time
\ccci.dbc; SourceType=DBC; Exclusive=No; BackgroundFetch=No; Collate=Machine; Null=Yes; Deleted=Yes;" Name = "connectionhandler" connectionhandle = .F. PROCEDURE Init IF This.ConnectionType = 1 This.ConnectionHandle = SQLSTRINGCONNECT

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