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#DEFIND and Memory Variables
Thread ID: 14510 Benny Thomas #DEFIND and Memory Variables I have seen people using code like the following #DEFINE cMycity NEW YORK as aginst cMycity = "NEW YORK" What is the advantate of the first method against the second one? Thanks in advance for expert explantions. Benny

Thread ID: 1410 Thomas Holt '***' Hello Say i was entering some data into a table via a form and then adding the data by pressing a button which uses code to check the value, if the data i enter contains a ' or a " is this likely to cause problems with the code getting confused? tia Tom

.Net and VFP
Thread ID: 193071 Biju Thomas .Net and VFP Hello everybody, Which is the best free guide or tutorial to learn the implementation of .NET in VFP? With Regards, Biju Thomas

Thread ID: 157400 Dave Thomas .NET BOOKS, WEB COURSES I've been a self-employed VFP consultant for many years, and want to begin the transition to .NET applications. What good books, and web-based training courses are available to help in this endeavor? Thanks in advance for your help. Dave Thomas, CDP, CCP

_SCREEN.AlwaysOnTop = .T.
Thread ID: 12846 Ken Blum _SCREEN.AlwaysOnTop = .T. Hello, > i need to make an application that consists of a menu system that needs to be visible on the desktop even when an application is opened. I think it could be best compared with the ad bar you used to have with AllAdvantage, or the thing you can download at thesearchbar.com > is there any way to do such a thing in visual foxpro? i know it's not that hard to make a menu in foxpro, but the hard part in my case, is having it docked and allways on top at the top of the bottom of the screen. > Any clues? > Regards, > Thomas That will make the VFP screem always be on top, just set the size you want it to be. KTB

Thread ID: 401456 Benny Thomas _Screen.Newobject(...) I am using Late Mr. Guillermo's foxribbon class for menu which is working fine. However, I find one line of code taking a lot of time to execute. In the beginning, I need to issue command : _Screen.Newobject(....) It takes about 23-25 seconds to complete this. Therefore, when I run the exe, intially I get a feeling that the application is not responding; then after about this time, the log on screen appears. Is it normal to take that long to execute a command _Screen.Newobject? Thanks for any comments. Benny

_Tally system variable
Thread ID: 416140 Benny Thomas _Tally system variable _Tally system variable is supposed to hold the number of recrods affected by the most recently executed table command, including SELECT SQL However, ? SQLEXEC(oConna, 'Select * from glaccount','mycurs') && selects 172 records ? _tally && does not show 172 SELECT * FROM mycurs ? _tally && shows 172 Why after SQLEXEC _Tally does not work? If it does not work, is there a way to know if the command SELECTed any reocrds? Thanks. Benny

123456 faith - a virus ?
Thread ID: 213886 Benny Thomas 123456 faith - a virus ? Who is this 123456 fiath? Looks like a virus! She/He is responding to every posts with the same matter. Benny

5 verses 7
Thread ID: 14891 Thomas Holt 5 verses 7 Hello In order for my company to buy foxpro 7 i need to list some advantages of it compared to 5 can anyone help? Tom

A clarification on VFP9 SP2
Thread ID: 148649 Benny Thomas A clarification on VFP9 SP2 I understand that it is important to re-build the EXEs after installation of SP2. Is it necessary to distribute the runtime files also after SP2 or the existing runtime files at client site is enough? Thanks for advice. Benny

A date issue
Thread ID: 208497 Biju Thomas A date issue Hello Everybody, An accounting year begins on 01/04/Year and ends on 31/03/Year. I have stored both these values in a table. If Windows date and end are same or Windows date end date the program will automatically close the financial year and carry forward the balances. If the any of the users changes the Windows/BIOS date manually to the end date store in the table that is to 31/03/Year or 01/04/nextyear, the program closes the year... date and findout the original end date even if any one changes the Windows/BIOS date. Kindly help. With Regards, Biju Thomas

A List Box Problem
Thread ID: 216730 Biju Thomas A List Box Problem Hello Everybody, Hope enjoyed the Valentine's day :-D But I am having a problem with the following code With Thisform.list1 .AddListItem(Alltrim(treeview_ab.dname),.NewItemID,3) Endwith The above code is from the sample given in the Help. Please Help With Regards, Biju Thomas

A Question on Begin Transaction
Thread ID: 226698 Benny Thomas A Question on Begin Transaction A small clarification requested about BEGIN TRANSACTION Following are my code: BEGIN TRANSACTION REPLACE Table1.somefield with "some data" TABLEUPDATE(Table2) At this point connection to the file server was cut and application had to be terminated. (before issuing END TRANS or COMMIT or ROLLBACK). Here I have to update another Table3 which I cannot do now, and in such case I do not want the changes to Table1 and Table2. Since the application has been terminated, I cannot issue a ROLLBACK or TABLEREVERT. What will be the state of Table1 and Table2 - will the changes be saved? Thanks for comments. Benny

A question on view
Thread ID: 55312 Tom Thomas A question on view How can we verify using code whether a VIEW with a particular name exists in the database or not ?

access to dbf
Thread ID: 33051 thomas weiss access to dbf does anyone know how to change an access table into a dbf Thomas abcdef

Accessing API from VFP
Thread ID: 183385 Biju Thomas Accessing API from VFP Hello Everybody, The following is an API call to get the date and time of a file - created, modified and last accessed. Declare Function GetFileTime Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetFileTime" (ByVal hFile As Long, lpCreationTime As FILETIME, lpLastAccessTime As FILETIME, lpLastWriteTime As FILETIME) As Long How can we convert the above code to use with VFP What are the basic rules for the conversion. Please help. With Regards, Biju Thomas

Accessing Desktop program remotely
Thread ID: 211929 Biju Thomas Accessing Desktop program remotely Hello Everybody, I have a Payroll program developed in VFP SP2. The database is Access. The desktop program and database are maintained in the main Sever, which can access via Internet. I want to allow the users to login to the Web site through IE from anywhere in the world without installing the desktop program in user’s machine. So this is my idea: allow the users to login to the Web site through internet / IE and use desktop program in the Server remotely to access the database. Which is the best safe method? With Regards, Biju Thomas

Activation of Windows XP
Thread ID: 187948 Biju Thomas Activation of Windows XP Hello everybody, This question may not belong to this forum. However as no other options left I am submitting the same here for a remedy. I have a 80 GB HDD and C: drive is having 10GB in which the OS Windows XP SP 3 installed. I want to upgrade the HDD to 200 GB. My worries are:- 1. How to deactivate the current running Windows XP in order to do a fresh installation and activation in the new HDD. How many times.... With Regards, Biju Thomas

Adding and Validating Records in a Grid
Thread ID: 54121 Brian Thomas Adding and Validating Records in a Grid Hello all, Although I've been picking up VFP pretty quickly for the past year, one thing that I have no experience with is grids. As a result, I don't know the best way to approach this: I'm creating a data-entry form with a grid that will contain 2 columns: a document number, and quantity ordered. The control source of the grid will be a cursor that is created when the form is loaded. Once the "Add Document" button is clicked, a blank record is appended into the cursor and the grid is refreshed and focused; then the user enters a document number in the first column. Questions: 1. How do I insure that the user enters a valid

Adding Objects on a Form
Thread ID: 258460 Benny Thomas Adding Objects on a Form I normally create forms visually at design time. But in one particular case, in addition to the visually created objects, I have to add some objects to a form at run time, depending on the input from the user. Following are the objects: Label (varying numbers, but usually 1 to 6) Textbox (varying numbers, but usually 1 to 6) 1 Grid Form size will be programatically modified accordingly. In some cases there may be valid method for some text boxes. Can somebody please guide me how to do this. Thanks. Benny

Thread ID: 224754 Benny Thomas ADDPROPERTY() How can I add a property to every objects of a form at run time? There are text boxes, buttons, editbox, optiongroup, pageframes etc. on the form. I could use the command ADDPROPERTY(Form1.....), but then I have to do it for every object individually. Is there any shortcut like a FOR ENDFOR loop?. My purpose is to create a particular propertyname (eg. cFormervalue) for very object on the form and assign a value of existing property, then change the existing property, do some processing and then put back the original property value (from cFormervalue) and discard cFormervalue at the end. Thanks for help. Benny

Again API
Thread ID: 218275 Biju Thomas Again API Hello Everyboby, How can we block a User from accessing the Task Manger. I want do this through VFP codes. I want to prevent the users killing the application from Task Manager. With Regards, Biju Thomas

Thread ID: 272078 Benny Thomas AGETFILEVERSION() Is there any difference in the value returned by AGETFILEVERSION() in Windows XP and Windows 7? I use this function to check for EXE file version. While the code is working on WindowsXP, it generates error on Windows 7. Thanks. Benny

alternative GetFolder Objects
Thread ID: 135287 Thomas Bähr alternative GetFolder Objects Im using bbfoldertree since 2002 but it has not been updated for years and im running into problems with it ( sometimes it picks the folder and some time it does not - with no way to tell why ) so Im looking for an alternative Object to let the user easely pick a Folder from a Tree of Folders of his computer ... any suggestions there to look at!? thx Thomas

Alternative to SCATTER/GATHER
Thread ID: 390062 Benny Thomas Alternative to SCATTER/GATHER All these years I have been using SCATTER MEMVAR MEMO and GATHER MEMVAR MEMO to display data from table on data entry form for editing then saving it back to table (my textbox.controlsource = m.fieldname). Obviously, this is not the right direction (after having seen comments from experts here). One suggestion is to use SCATTER NAME command. I would be grateful if somebody can give me some idea on how to display data on form to edit with this command and then save to table or some other better method. What will be controlsource for the text boxes in case of SCATTER NAME? Thanks. Benny

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