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.FRX to .DOC creation
Thread ID: 163526 milan .FRX to .DOC creation Dear Expert I need to export the file from report.frx to report.doc How can I do that ? Cheked thru FRX2Any and Xfrx tools but does not meet my requirement since they are having separate module for developer which is not free(!). Also gone thru Marcia Akins_automation from their URL, but it has help only for VFP7 onwards. Cud anybode hv code thru VFP6 ?, right now I can't go for upgrade VFP7. Moreover, I dont hv much knowlege for office automation Awaiting yr adv regards Milan

Blank PDF's
Thread ID: 414775 sytze de boer Blank PDF's I have recently had multiple nightmares with a large ISP in this country suddenly changing the rules when it comes to 3rd party programs like my accounting system sending emails. In my system, you can choose to use Blat, Internal Outlook, or a CDO based system (for Gmail users etc) In my system, you can also choose to use either Foxypreviewer or Xfrx After making all the changes to overcome the ISP blockages, I heard from several clients to say their system was sending Blank pdf's I checked, and found the pdf on their system was fine, but that same file which was sent/attached to the client was indeed blank. I found that by switching to XFRX, the pdf's

Cancel XFRX report
Thread ID: 414517 David Younger Cancel XFRX report What is the correct way to cancel a long report with XFRX and VFP9 SP2. their documentation says to set gnStopXFRX = 1 when CTRL+C is pressed but this does not work. they say you can't do this in VFP9 (only VFP8) despite what their documentation says. They have told me to try ReportListener class and press ESC. Although ESC does stop the production of the report, this is only after it has ticked over the 5 million pages that it is processing and nothing at all gets produced. Basically, as the report pages tick over in the top right hand corner, I would like to press CTRL+C to stop the report and print whatever pages I got up to. Any

Cancel XFRX report
Thread ID: 414844 David Younger Cancel XFRX report What is the correct way to cancel an XFRX report half way through. Lets say I start up a report. There is a wait window in the top right corner ticking away the page numbers as they print. I used to be able to press CTRL+C to cancel the report but they say this no longer works in VFP9 with the new report engine (despite their documentation saying it does). They have asked me to use the _ReportListener class and the ESC key. I managed to use ESC to cancel the report but all it does is suppress the output, it still ticks through all the pages. I would like it to work like the old CTRL+C. Stop at whatever page it is up to and display the results

Chicago FUDG meets 8 May 07
Thread ID: 130857 Randy Bosma Chicago FUDG meets 8 May 07 Don't miss another fine educational program from Chicago FUDG. Tom Corrigan will show us how to access Fox Pro data from a Dot Net application. Then Randy Jean will give us a first look at Strata Frame, an application framework for Dot Net programming, and share some good experiences about XFRX, the PDF (and other format) report generator that renders directly from VFP report files. Our watchword is "NEVER STOP LEARNING". It's a great life. Come to the meeting. Same time, DIFFERENT place (Wright-Heerema Architects - 819 S Wabash Ave., Suite 701) Tuesday, 8 May 2007 at 5:30pm.

Chinese web output
Thread ID: 253453 Jonathan Quint Chinese web output We have a large online application that runs on VFP, West Wind, and xFrx. We're trying to build a Chinese version of the application with some success. Read a great article by Rick Strahl (Using Unicode in Visual FoxPro Web - http://www.west-wind.com/presentations/foxunicode/foxunicode.asp ). The web pages work well in Chinese. We're using "Blob" field type to store the data. The problem is output. We have been unable to figure out how to get xFRX to create a PDF with the Chinese characters, or how to be able to export to XLS with Chinese column headings. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Column rpt data into Excel columns
Thread ID: 231305 Elijah Kihuga Column rpt data into Excel columns goingtothetop I have a report which I is in 8 columns. I need to export the data so that it goes to Excel, again into the 8 columns. Using xfrx, vfp Report shows it in 8 columns, but the output is one long column. Kindly help.

Thread ID: 144195 RSI Pvt. Ltd. COM+, VFP, ASP,XFRX. Hello Friends, I created an OLEPUBLIC class and compiled it as Multithreaded DLL. Thereafter I registered it as COM+ Component. I want to use this class in ASP. But I am stuck at it. Could anybody provide me an example how to do it? Which identity I should use IUSR_Machinename or any other user? How to set permissions so that I can run it under ASP? The purpose for doing this is to extend XFRX PDF capability for Web. Thanks in Advance Rennovation Software Systems (We understand your Business.)

convert report to pdf/xls
Thread ID: 221670 jemm jemm convert report to pdf/xls Hi... I'm using XFRX as my report converter in vfp 6. My coding.... thisform.sir_production use freedata\r_sir_out local loSession, lnRetval loSession= xfrx("XFRX#INIT") lnRetVal = loSession.SetParams("r_out_sir.pdf",,,,,,"PDF") If lnRetVal = 0 REPORT FORM reports\r_out_sir.frx PREVIEW ---------------------this report appear loSession.ProcessReport("reports\r_out_sir.frx") ---------------pop-up OPEN TABLE window 3X then blank pdf file is generated. loSession.finalize Else ? lnRetVal Endif Why????? Can someone help me, please!

Create Pdf, Doc and Xls from my reports
Thread ID: 132185 Emerson Reed Create Pdf, Doc and Xls from my reports I'm evaluating some tools to create Pdf, Doc and Xls files from my reports and would like to know if there's another tools beyond this: MERE (Mind's Eye Report Engine) XFRX FRX2Any Emerson Santon Reed http://weblogs.foxite.com/emersonreed http://thespoke.net/blogs/emersonreed

Curious problem printing with images
Thread ID: 400661 Bob Lawson Curious problem printing with images Hi, We have a curious problem when printing a form with many images on it. At one site the report prints without the pictures when using XFRX but generates an error when printing using the VFP report generator. So all we did was add MESSAGEBOXs to print out the file name of the images we were printing and presto it prints fine on both XFRX and VFP. Take out the MESSAGEBOXs and the print fails. We then had the user reduce the images size to 25% of the original thinking it might be a memory issue. Take a 3MB images to about 198KB. However we have the same result! So is there something magical about adding the MESSAGEBOXs

Disable Excel Compatibility Check
Thread ID: 285627 Lim Wendy Lim Disable Excel Compatibility Check Hi, Is there anyone know "How to disable the EXCEL compatility Checker" permanently ? We have a application which using XFRX to export the report to excel file. For those user who has EXCEL 2007 installed, there will be an pop-up window "COMPATIBILITY CHECKER" which display at the BEHIND of the running program and cause our program 'PAUSE' at the report screen and user have to end task to close the application. Anyone got idea to resolve such issue ? Thanks Wendy

FOXTOOLS problem with XFRX
Thread ID: 363704 Gerrit Broekhuis FOXTOOLS problem with XFRX Hi, I'm using XFRX for saving reports to PDF and XFRX uses FOXTOOLS.FLL. In my application I'm also using FOXTOOLS and I'm getting an error using the 'foxtouch' command in order to change file dates. I call FOXTOOLS.FLL early in my start.prg with: SET LIBRARY TO GETENV("ProgramFiles") + "\MyAPP\foxtools.fll" Problem is that when I want to use the foxtouch command I get an error once XFRX is added to my application: "File 'foxtouch.prg' does not exist". The FLL is in the MyAPP folder and my application has been used like this for many years. How should I call FOXTOOLS.FLL to use XFRX as well as my

Thread ID: 356873 rupesh sharma foxypreviewer sir today i am working with a report. in which i am making a id card of student. i included logo of school, student photo and signature (scanned). but when i see preview the progress bar shows 100% and 0 minute left and hangs up. if i use this report with xfrx then it shows right output. i am in confusion please tell me what happen to that report. Rupesh Kumar Sharma Dhanisha Infotech Jaipur, India

foxypreviewer - release
Thread ID: 326412 Andrew Nickless foxypreviewer - release Hi Cesar The problem with "Release" has come up again - using 2.83 Worked fine in 2.76 Its something to do with utilityreportlistener I call with "release" and run xfrx / moxie objects with rtf in report I get an Error 1733 Class definition utilityreportlistener is not found regards Andrew

FoxyPreviewer and XLS File
Thread ID: 320774 Umasankar Panda FoxyPreviewer and XLS File Hi, Cesar, could you please tell me whether I could convert a VFP report to an excel file(exactly as report preview or if it is not exactly at least similar to the preview so that some modification can be done in the converted excel file ) format . I have used (recently) foxypreviewer (according to your suggestion) and already used XFRX but none of them solved my problem. Adding the following lines in the XFRX the converted excel file becomes clearer than earlier mSession.SetOtherParams("HORIZONTAL_ADJUSTMENT",4000) mSession.SetOtherParams("VERTICAL_ADJUSTMENT",1500) is there any such way in the foxypreviewer to make a clear excel

FoxyPreviewer PDF size
Thread ID: 364875 Andrew Nickless FoxyPreviewer PDF size Hi Just notice that the PDF output / Save As file size with Foxy is quite large. Our system was previously using XFRX and output pdf file size with foxy is up to 10 times larger. This can slow emails considerably. Is there any way to reduce foxy's PDF output size. ? regards Andrew

foxypreviewer real slow
Thread ID: 327555 sytze de boer foxypreviewer real slow Started using foxypreviewer yesterday and totally impressed. I think I will use this in future instead of Xfrx 1 big problem I encountered is where I ran a report with 90,000 records. (1400 pages) The thermometer started, then slowed, then stopped. So I pressed escape (as it said i could) but nothing happened. Then used task manager to terminate the App After several attempts I tried once more. While the thermometer was again behaving badly, I made a coffee. Suddenly the report popped up. Now I don't know if the thermometer is faulty or some other process (Just tried it again, this time therm went to 100% but it took 2 mins) Sytze

Free Excel Report
Thread ID: 147413 galuh prasetyawan Free Excel Report hi anyone know how to make a report in excel type without using 3rd party software that need license (XFRX and any report 3rdparty)???

How Integrate XFRX to a VFP application
Thread ID: 221256 Dee Alcocer How Integrate XFRX to a VFP application Hi, I have on my job an application that generates reports in VFP 9, like invoices, I found XFRX and I don't know how to integrate it to the application and I haven't found properly information on the web Maybe someone can suggest some page or manual where I can get it Thanx XOXO D;)

Thread ID: 221270 Dee HOW TO INTEGRATE XFRX TO A VFP APPLICATI Hi, I have on my job an application that generates reports in VFP 9, like invoices, I found XFRX and I don't know how to integrate it to the application and I haven't found properly information on the web Maybe someone can suggest some page or manual where I can get it Thanx XOXO D;)

how to make 300 dpi image with gdi+
Thread ID: 246149 Anil Sharma how to make 300 dpi image with gdi+ hello experts, i have a 300 dpi image and i want to write a text on that image and want to save the file in same dpi. i used xfrx to export vfp report with same image it exported as 96 dpi. :( so i have to do now with gdi+ its a identity card in image and i have to write name address etc etc through gdi+ without loosing dpi. Anil My Blog

How to register XFRX with VFP8
Thread ID: 107861 Leslie Botchway How to register XFRX with VFP8 Could someone help me with how to register XFRX with VFP8. I am having problems with the building of the exe file. When doing the building it gives a exception and bomps out of vfp. Please help me. Leslie

Integrating xfrx into VFP5 for excel
Thread ID: 222096 Beth Minavi Integrating xfrx into VFP5 for excel Need help on integrating XFRX into VFP5 for Excel. We have downloaded the free version of XFRX to see if it will work before purchasing but cannot get the correct code sequence out of the XFRX manual to integrate this into VFP5. I have sent messages to eqeus but have not had a response. Can anyone advise?

Thread ID: 368479 mahmoud kibreet merge hi for all i have code to merge 2 file pdf to 1 pdf but i have problem not run can help me :??? *---------- local loSession, lnRetval loSession= xfrx("XFRX#INIT") lnRetVal = loSession.SetParams("output.pdf",,,,,,"PDF") If lnRetVal = 0 loSession.ProcessReport("report1") loSession.ProcessReport("report2") loSession.finalize() Else ? lnRetVal Endif please i want xfrx.prg where this file thank you

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