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"ControlSource property must contain a variable"
it? Allen Belkin Innovative Business Systems Easthampton, MA Do not be desirous of having things done quickly. Do not look at small advantages. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great [applications] from being accomplished. -- Confucius (551 B.C. - 479 B.C.)

.Net Conversion
Thread ID: 257467 Mican Cagape .Net Conversion Hi, My company has been using VFP and we have huge applications currently running (using DBF). My employer decided to shift into .Net which I have limited knowledge about it. Fortunately, my employer is willing to pay for my training. I am seeking advice from any expert who could guide me through this plan. Do I need to change my programming language? Or is there a significant advantages to change language? Your response is highly appreciated. mican

_SCREEN vs As Top Level Form
Thread ID: 106360 Keith Gordijn _SCREEN vs As Top Level Form In all of my projects I have used an As Top Level Form for the main application form. Recently in reading the forums here and in other places, such as vfpsolutionexplorer, it appears that some of the big names in vfp programming (Doug Henning to name one) use the _SCREEN as the main app form. So now I am wondering what are the advantages of using the _SCREEN as the main form, ie. is it better when debugging? An As Top Level Form allows me to visually place objects and see what the form will look like without having to build and run the app. Any insights for either style are most welcome and I am sure others will be interested in the pros

2gb table "Ilya" Food for Thought
at work. I am still using VFP as my front end, but due to the advantages of the SQL-Server this is a no-brainer decision for me. Hope you do not take my reply the wrong way either. I really need to ensure that those developers

5 verses 7
Thread ID: 14891 Thomas Holt 5 verses 7 Hello In order for my company to buy foxpro 7 i need to list some advantages of it compared to 5 can anyone help? Tom

Additive Parameters
the phrase flags) in just one numeric parameter. There are a number of advantages of doing this and I will try to explain what those are in this post. I've written this on the fly so it's entirely possible that I've missed some

Thread ID: 92008 M. Akram Bhatti ADO in VFP Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of accessing/updating SQL Server data through ADO and Recordsets ??? Regards, Akram

Advantages of VFP over VB and other DBMS
Thread ID: 18305 Venkatesan SK Advantages of VFP over VB and other DBMS Help Me, I have to prepare an article on VFP7 advantges over other DOS-FoxPro, Win-FoxPro and VB

advantages of visual foxpro over foxpro DOS
Thread ID: 21408 Ayen Rosales advantages of visual foxpro over foxpro DOS hi everyone, what are the advantages of visual foxpro over foxpro dos?? please, help.... i really have to convince our client to migrate their system from dos to visual.... thanks.. _ayen0710

Alphanumeric/Numeric Bar Codes
Thread ID: 207009 Nishant Gupta Alphanumeric/Numeric Bar Codes Hi Experts, I just wanted to know that, should one use Alphanumeric Bar Codes OR Numeric Bar Codes? What are the Advantages or Disadvantages of each one? Thanks very much in advance Nishant

Bound control with Database
Thread ID: 160062 Muhammad Zahid Bound control with Database What are the advantages and disadvantages of Data binding with Controls. mzahid

bound object or unbound?
Thread ID: 114249 noex Palic bound object or unbound? Hello experts, which is better bound object or unbound? can you give advantages of using bound objects? Regards Glenn

C/C++ training classes
Thread ID: 383269 Rick Hodgin C/C++ training classes There are a lot of advantages made possible by mixing small C/C++ DLLs with Visual FoxPro. Does anyone have any interest in learning C/C++? I'd be willing to teach/host a class specifically from the "coming from Visual FoxPro knowledge" angle. UPDATE: No costs. Donations accepted. LOL! :-) UPDATE2: You can begin here by getting Visual Studio 2008 Express ready. (1) Download Visual Studio 2008 Express here (895MB DVD ISO -- contains Visual C#, Basic, C++, Web Developer): http://www.libsf.org/software/other/microsoft/visual-studio-2008-express-enu-x1397868.iso (2)Follow this installation tutorial to install and setup your windows like

Centering report mages, "general" fields
about its data-processing advantages), because it seemed to work on all user's machines. However, that technique has a single, frustrating drawback: It cannot center the image within the Picture/OLE frame when using a disk file

Chicao FUDG meets Tues. 13 Mar 2012
Thread ID: 339367 Randy Bosma Chicao FUDG meets Tues. 13 Mar 2012 Are you getting run ragged with multi tasking? Let VFP assist you! At the March Meeting of the Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group Kevin Ragsdale will present "Easy Multi-Threading". "For years, FoxPro developers have longed for multi-threading capabilities. Thankfully, several developers have found ways to provide multi-threaded capability in Visual FoxPro applications. Kevin tried every published method he knew of to create multi-threaded applications, but the easiest method (by far) was by using Christof's DMULT.DLL. In this session, he'll show us; * What is multi-threading? * The advantages (and disadvantages) of multi-threading

Choosing a database for foxPro
Thread ID: 161780 None None Choosing a database for foxPro Hi, Working with VFP and C# as programming language, I would like to get some opinions which database to choose. What are the advantages & disadvantages of -Free Tables (dbf) in FoxPro -FoxPro Database (dbc) -free versions of Database Servers like IBM DB/2 or MS SQL Server I occasionally heard of a corrupted file problem in FoxPro. Is this still true for recent versions of VFP? How long can I rely on the support of VFP Technologies? In our case we have to work with thick clients with a central database Thanks in advance for your input. antoschka

clarificatory questions on views and app speed
). I've read a lot about views and their advantages in this forum but switching to them would require me to do some tweaking in the primary forms classes which I use for my app. So I am trying to figure out if there would be noticeable

Thread ID: 126141 Green Green Class Hi their Forpertsss... What are the advantages using a class? Tanx gREEN

Common Lookup Table (OTLT)
advantages to it, but at the same time, I've worked for years on a VFP application that had little to no data integrity (it was managed by the application rather than the database), and I hope to avoid those kinds of nightmares in the future

comparisons please
Thread ID: 18680 Boudewijn Lutgerink comparisons please Hi All, being quite familiar with WebConnect, I use it at work and I consider it extremely strong, I wonder whether anybody around has any idea about the (dis)advantages of other tools like AFP, AVFP, fox dotcom, over WebConnect? (Apart from the price that is!) Thanks in advance. boudewijn.lutgerink@foxite.com

CREATEOBJECT or lib call
Thread ID: 26563 Fred Shelhamer CREATEOBJECT or lib call Can someone tell me the advantages/disadvantages to using CREATEOBJECT() versus visually adding the class lib to my form and referencing the procedure directly? I realize there can be varaibles that would be specific to the instance, but if I only want to call a procedure contained in the class I would think useing CREATEOBJECT() would be slower and add over-head Fred

Creating DLLs and Using DLLs
Thread ID: 121592 Francis Albert Militante Creating DLLs and Using DLLs Good Day to All! I would like to ask if anyone can tell how do I create DLLs in visual basic or visual foxpro and how to use them when I create programs under the said programming languages. Also, what the hell are DLLs and what are thier advantages and disadvantages of using them. I would appreciate the help for DLLs are rather a mystery to me. Thanks.

DAFUG - April 2012
. We'll create event handlers to act as callback objects for our multi-threaded DLL's. We'll also look at some disadvangtages of multi-threading. You will learn: -What is multi-threading? -The advantages (and disadvantages

DAFUG - March 2009 Meeting
learned about this meeting before the official notice went out because there was discussion on Twitter about the topics. Rick covers Twitter and the advantages of being on Twitter, and will demonstrate some live tweets as the session

Data Access Techniques - VB NET
Thread ID: 214791 M. Akram Bhatti Data Access Techniques - VB NET Dear Experts, In Visual Foxpro, when we open a table in shared access mode, any change committed to the underlying table automatically reflects to other users when they navigate to those modified records. But in Dot Net case is totally different. While going through the help and some articles, two major techniques have been used. 1. Disconnected (Data Sets, Data Tables, Data Relations, Data Adapters, XML Support) 2. Connected (Data Readers, DDL commands Support) Both have advantages and disadvantages it depends on the situation that which technique is being adopted. When we use DataSets, simply we have a local copy of data loaded

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