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 From: Cetin Basoz
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 Cetin Basoz
 To: Samir H.
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 Samir H.
Subject: RE: a question regarding VFP 6 and 9
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Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 3:22:02 PM         

> > PS:
> > set blamesuit on
> > since you are late enough to go to VFP9 you may as well try using Visual Studio express 2010/MSSQLExpress 2008 R2/MSSQL CE first for free. IMHO it is better (easier, powerful ... but easy is a relative term. It is very hard if you think like you do in VFP. If you go under taking the pain of learning, what you gain is much more).
> > set blamesuit off
> >
> > Cetin Basoz
> SET stupidQuestion ON
> Why are you still using VFP? Is it only for maintenance of existing applications?
> SET stupidQuestion OFF :)
> Regards
> Samir

No, it is a natural question. I would ask the same if I saw me saying these:)
Yes, there is a huge customer base that are using VFP written application(s). Dealing with existing applications get my lion's share in my coding. Those are good applications IMHO and still has room to expand (and we are expanding). The customer's demand are never ending and some are really next to impossible to do with VFP. I am also writing some interop DLLs to make it work and even Silverlight applications to circumvent the bottlenecks we are having with VFP. Initially it was hard and I was thinking VFP is the best thing in this world. Now almost each and everyday I hit a feature that I think "wish we had this in VFP". I love VFP naturally since I earn(ed) my life with it and maybe it is the best language I am capable of writing but time is flowing and it is falling behind. One of the best things that I love in VFP is SQL and now in .Net there is Linq which I like more than writing SQL. Easier to write (and sometimes I go there write some complex query in Linq just to grab corresponding SQL and use in VFP:)

Update: If you visit my blog at cetinbasoz.spaces.live.com/blog and check the oldest entry there I tried to explain more (and that was months ago, .Net has even got better since then). First entry:


Cetin Basoz

.Net has got better.Think about moving - check my blog:
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