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 From: Ayen Rosales
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 Ayen Rosales
 To: Yuri Rubinov
  Where is Yuri Rubinov?
 Pennsylvania - United States
 Yuri Rubinov
Subject: RE: Abnormal program termination...
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Version: FoxPro 2.x for MSDOS Category: Errors & Debugging
Date: Monday, December 08, 2003 1:52:36 AM         

unfortunately she doesn't have the codes.. it is a compiled program... perhaps, i'll check the memory of that unit....

thank you very much for the help.....

> Try to debug to see on what line of code it happens. After that post the code here if you will not able to resolve the problem yourself.
> > my friend has A/R system developed in FoxPro Dos. She can use it before, but now, whenever she tries to run the specific transaction, she is prompted an error of
> >
> > Abnormal program termination: Memory protection fault.
> > CS : EIP = 000Ch : 000BBABDh
> >
> > What’s that error? And what must I do help her?
> >
> > Thanks.


Abnormal program termination... Posted by Ayen Rosales @ 12/4/2003 6:35:48 AM
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