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 From: Mike Yearwood
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 Mike Yearwood
 To: Glenn Gevero
  Where is Glenn Gevero?
 Glenn Gevero
Subject: RE: About Timer
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Forms
Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011 4:10:45 PM         

> Hi experts,
> I posted a message yesterday regarding the timer control and got the answer and it solved my issue. However i want to ask from your best opinion regarding the use of the timer control.
> I decided to use timer control in my dashboard form to have the data in my dashboard requery automatically thus giving the enduser updated dashboard every 1 minute.
> My question is: If my application is doing a requery to the server every 1 minute to get updated data to show in the dashboard will it not cause traffic in the network?
> I am seeking for your professional opinion. Thank you in advance.
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> with best regards,
> Glenn
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Yes, firing the queries by a timer will cause network traffic. Absolutely. Obviously?

Beware "fully optimized". Computers are stupid. To them fully optimized is not the same as fastest possible. SET DELETED is a simple example. If you have a 100mbps network, SET DELETED and a corresponding INDEX ON DELETED() TAG WHATEVER BINARY can help or hurt, depending on the number of records. I tend not to add such an index. I SET DELETED OFF and test my queries for full optimization.

Here's a trick. Make a small table that shows the datetime the last data was added that will affect the dashboard output. All PCs can look at that single record extremely fast. By keeping their own internal record of the last time they refreshed, you could reduce the number of hits against the dashboard tables significantly.

Mike Yearwood
Microsoft MVP Visual FoxPro 2008, 2009
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