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 Reggie Edwards
Subject: RE: Accountmate Transfer Between Databases
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 6:08:58 AM         

> Hello,
> I am currently working with Accountmate 7.3 for SQL.
> What I am trying to accomplish is transfering our current inventory from database ppt to our new company database of sst without transferring any items that have no on hand qty.
> I also want to leave behind all history including current as far as SO's, PO's, AR, AP etc...
> The only thing I want to transfer over to the new database is inventory with on hand qty and customer file.
> Would the easiest way to do this be using SQL enterprise manager and directly copying the tables from one ppt to sst?
> Just looking for some guidance.
> Thanks for any help.
> Reggie

Try this but substitute the table and fields names with the correct ones

Insert into sst.dbo.SomeInventoryTable select * from ppt.dbo.SomeInventoryTable where nOnHandQty > 0

Insert into sst.dbo.SomeCustomerTable select * from ppt.dbo.SomeCustomerTable



Accountmate Transfer Between Databases Posted by Reggie Edwards @ 12/22/2009 11:37:49 PM
RE: Accountmate Transfer Between Databases Posted by Godzilla Mozilla @ 12/23/2009 6:08:58 AM