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 From: Ilya Rabyy
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 Ilya Rabyy
 To: Fausto Zecchi
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 Fausto Zecchi
Subject: RE: Am I Admin or what?!
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Version: Not Applicable Category: Network and Computer Management
Date: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 6:57:00 PM         

> > Colleagues!
> >
> > I'm still not quite comfortable with NT 5.xx and all its blippin' restrictions (pardonne moi Francais (:>) ) that are soooooo counterproductive!
> >
> > The question I have: how comes that even full Admin cannot run Check (local) Disk for Errors utility? What I did (WinNT 5.0/2K SP4):
> >
> > Logged in as (full) Admin of my machine, then logged in as full Admin into LAN;
> > Opened Windows Explorer;
> > Right-clicked on my C: drive (non-shared, BTW), selected Properties;
> > Selected Tools tab;
> > Clicked Check Now... pushbutton in the Error-checking frame;
> > Checkmarked both options (file system errors fix and bad sectors recovery) in the Check Options group;
> > Clicked Start.
> >
> > The message sprang out saying it "Cannot gain exclusive access to the disk" - beg yer pardon?!?! Am I Admin or what?!
> >
> > I tried to have just one of the two check options marked - same result: no access.
> >
> > Only after I left both checkboxes unmarked - then it started the operation, and after a short while reported "complete".
> >
> > Now, could anybody tell me 3 things:
> >
> > 1. What sense does it make to just scan and not being able to fix errors, if found?
> > 2. How comes that full Admin cannot have exclusive access to its own local disk?
> > 3. Alternatively: if this happens (just my WAG) because I am also the full Admin on the entire LAN, it should not interfere with my actions as full Admin on my local disk, should it?
> Are you sure there's not any service/program that run in background and uses the disk? If yes, you have to stop it before run chkdsk. In Win2k you cannot run chkdsk on c:, you can only set up it to run on next boot, for the very simple reason that c: is the system disk, and the os need it for a lot of tasks....
> Win2k is derived from NT, so I suggest to run chkdsk before the boot of os.
> Best regards,
> Fausto Zecchi

Oh, yes! I am aware of Win2K is NT 5.00 all too well! However:

I can perfectly do Check Disk and Repair on any of Win4.9x machine at any moment. That tells, clear and loud, how flawed is NT design - in this, yet one more, respect.

Thanks for the tip, bro!




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