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 From: Andy Kramek
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 Andy Kramek
 To: asifa haniff
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Subject: RE: array
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Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Other
Date: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 8:16:35 PM         

> I am sorry if i was for not being clear. I want to use, recno() , to give me the number of records in the table. Can you please give me a syntax for it.

The function you need is RECCOUNT() (RecNo() is just the number of the current record).

lnAllRecs = RECCOUNT( "Your_Table_Name" )

Note that Reccount() gives you the total number of records (,marked for deletion or not). If you just want to get the number of records that are not marked for deletion you can use:
SELECT Your_Table_Name

Andy Kramek
Microsoft MVP (Visual FoxPro)
Akron, OH, USA


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