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 From: mk sharma
  Where is mk sharma?
 mk sharma
 To: Vivek Deodhar
  Where is Vivek Deodhar?
 Vivek Deodhar
Subject: RE: AutoSms-smspooler.zip
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Classes and Objects
Date: Monday, December 22, 2014 9:54:50 AM         

> > I am trying to use AutoSms from Vivek
> > But How to Stop Sms Sending by pressing a key ? (i have 500 sms in pending list and want to stop any time by pressing a key.)
> >
> > It takes 14 Seconds per Sms, is any way to Reduce the sending Time ? (i have 500 sms in pending list and it will takes more than 2 hours)
> >
> > Warm Regards,
> > mk.
> I have given full source code so you can pretty much handle it yourself. Off hand, I think you will need to reset following variables for this work. (Test this and adjust as per the requirements. I do not have code here with me just now.)
with thisform
>    .comm1.portopen = .f.
>    .timer1.enabled=.f.
>    .isprocessing=.f.
>    .llsentok=.f.
>    .llgoahead=.f.
> endwith

> Put this code in some button or wherever you want to stop the processing.
> As to increase the speed, you can play with sleep() times that I have used. You will find them in the sendsms method. Calibrate these and you should get reduction in sending time. I have kept them liberally higher so that they could be used as "fit all" type situations.
> Vivek
> Live wisely... because in real world, there is no Ctrl + Z!

Thank you,

Warm Regards,


AutoSms-smspooler.zip Posted by mk sharma @ 12/20/2014 6:24:16 AM
RE: AutoSms-smspooler.zip Posted by Vivek Deodhar @ 12/22/2014 8:19:45 AM
RE: AutoSms-smspooler.zip Posted by mk sharma @ 12/22/2014 9:54:50 AM