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 From: Leif Rickegard
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 Leif Rickegard
Subject: auto-update field when save in all form
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 10:29:15 AM         

I have four fields in all table named "created by", "create datetime", "last updated by" and "last update datetime".

For the first two there is just to set default value to m.username and datetime(). But is there a way to autoupdate
the other two fields every time the record where updated? I think mayby some code in the tables update trigger but
i can't figur out how. Or is the answer a stored procedure?

I use the form wizards and if i change the update buttom the automatic "I take care of it" is gone and i don't want that.

Thanks for all help


auto-update field when save in all form Posted by Leif Rickegard @ 10/8/2002 10:29:15 AM
RE: auto-update field when save in all form Posted by Pete Sass @ 10/9/2002 12:04:19 AM