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 From: John Discallar
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 John Discallar
Subject: Averaging the Average
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Date: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 8:53:20 AM         

Hi All,

How could i Average the Average of the fields?

Sample Data

ROW1 BiggerGroup1 Group1 5
ROW2 BiggerGroup1 Group1 7
ROW3 BiggerGroup1 Group2 3
ROW4 BiggerGroup1 Group3 3
ROW5 BiggerGroup1 Group3 6
ROW6 BiggerGroup2 Group1 2
ROW7 BiggerGroup2 Group1 4
ROW8 BiggerGroup2 Group2 5
ROW9 BiggerGroup2 Group3 5
ROW10BiggerGroup2 Group3 6

I Have Created an Average According to Group :

Group1 6.00 (because [5+7] / 2)
Group2 3.00
Group3 4.50
Group1 3.00
Group2 5.00
Group3 5.50

My problem is that i could not Average the Average that i have made based from the Group , initially i did an average with a control based on the bigger group , but computation is based from the original data which has a difference compared when averaging the average per group


Foxpro Child


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