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 From: Cory Brasel
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 Cory Brasel
 To: Mike Gagnon
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 Mike Gagnon
Subject: RE: buffer memory usage
Thread ID: 311114 Message ID: 311236 # Views: 34 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Install & Config. issues
Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 9:23:34 PM         

> > I am trying to optimize VFP buffer memory compared to RAM i have and etc, we recently upgraded our server and have several more to do....
> >
> > I get 1,466,695,680 for SYS(3050, 1) and 366,739,456 for SYS(3050, 2) when I check the values from VFP.
> >
> > We have 4 CPU and 4 GB RAM on this server. How does the SYS(3050) value get originally set and any thoughts on how that number should compare to the actual RAM you have? Any ideas/comments/thoughts??
> > Thanks.
> The syntax to set the value is:
SYS(3050, nType, [nBuffMemSize])

> Mike Gagnon
> Refox XI +(English version)

Thanks. I didn't explain my actual questions good enough though....

1. I was wondering if anyone knew how the original value gets set in there or if it is a default or something, as we never put that value in anywhere?

2. I was trying to configure it to best use the additional memory we did have with the new server. After the more I read, I am thinking the more memory may not be as helpful for performance as you would think. We are running VFP 9. Any ideas/thoughts/comments on this from previous experiences. I am trying to find a rough number to at least start with on what a "normal/average/basic" amount of memory for a instance of VFP to use is. From what I have read so far 50-60 MB is normally OK and rarely do it exceed a couple hundred MB in the VFP instance.

I know it is going to be a trial and error approach but was wanting something to use as a general rule of thumb or starting point to gauge. Any additional thoughts would be great...thanks


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