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 From: Bernard Bout
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 Bernard Bout
 To: Robert Nixon
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 Robert Nixon
Subject: RE: Button
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Forms
Date: Friday, December 28, 2007 5:55:19 PM         

> Hi,
> I've been asked to change the buttones in FoxPro9 application to look more like Web2 buttons, I am thinking that the best way to do this is to have the button as an image. Is there a better way?
> Many thanks in advance
> Rob

Nope. But you will need to change the images used to show Normal, MouseOver and MouseDown effects so you will need 3 images at least. Also to make the "button" more generic you will need to add an image to display say an icon as well as the Text. So the best for all this is a Container.


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Button Posted by Robert Nixon @ 12/28/2007 2:42:56 PM
RE: Button Posted by Bernard Bout @ 12/28/2007 5:55:19 PM