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 From: Pete Sass
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 Pete Sass
 To: Ryan Lashway
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 Ryan Lashway
Subject: RE: Consulting Price ?
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 9:49:55 PM         

> Does anyone have a recommended consulting price ? I have recently began consulting and need to know a ballpark hourly rate for Visual Foxpro, any help in the consulting area would be great, practices, recommend procedures or protocals.
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> Ryan J. Lashway
> http://www.lashtech.com


Depends what you bring to the table!

As an example, if I am building a SQL-Server from scratch, setting
all security permissions, building the SQL-Server backend and then
writing a VFP frontend to say provide a Point of Sales system; I maybe
looking at the $95.00 Canadian per hour range plus expenses.
If I am coding a VFP application for a client and this will fit into
their existing server/network setup, I am going with around $50.00 per
hour Canadian. My charges vary greatly from client to client depending
upon what skills they want to pay for.

Many times I meet with a client and work on a lump sum fixed charge for
the work they want done.

My background is a system analyst/project manager. So at times the
client may have their own internal resources and only want someone to
overseek the project. On site pricing and remote pricing also comes
into the equasion.

I can tell you that if a client wants a web enabled front end and I am
dealing with an ISP hosting outfit, I charge the $95.00 per hour
Canadian, due to all the issues that can and will crop up to bring a
true web application into production on a 3rd party web server.

True consultant work means you must have a vast background in:
- Networking with an advanced knowledgebase.
- Active Directory and know it cold.
- Network infastructure involving switches and hubs.
- Ethernet versus fiber backbones feeds.
- Hardware firewall solutions.
- Software deployment procedures.
- Disaster recovery planning.
- Some knowledge in Lunix maybe a benefit.
- And in most cases you need a good grass roots understanding of SQL-Server,
Oracle, and possibly MS Jet 4 backend development.

I did a very large web application for a client with an SQL-Server
backend and got my $95.00 per hour price for the project.

I interfaced with a contractor and planned out a fiber network for a
client with the appropriate patch panels, testing points, and switch
and redundant fiber feed routings and got a wopping $150.00 per hours

So back to my opening statement, "Depends upon what you can bring to
the table." and your skillset.

My personal advise to you as far as consultant roles, you need a
divere background and advanced programming knowledge of VFP will not
be enough.

I am sure other experts at this forum will back me up on my comments
if you want to move into a consulation type of role.

Pete from the Great White North. (Only in Canada, ay.) Over and Out ...


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