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 From: sara novick
  Where is sara novick?
 sara novick
 To: Paul Brown
 Paul Brown
Subject: RE: Corrupted Indexes
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Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 11:05:34 AM         


The page you referred me to was very good. I think we have found our problem. It had to do with indices that were not necessarily of fixed length.We switched all use of STR to PADL(R). In the case of TTOC we switched to TTOC with 2 parameters and the second parameter = 1.

Thank you very much.
Sara Novick


Corrupted Indexes Posted by sara novick @ 10/14/2002 2:05:53 PM
RE: Corrupted Indexes Posted by Paul Brown @ 10/14/2002 3:11:37 PM
RE: Corrupted Indexes Posted by sara novick @ 10/16/2002 11:05:34 AM