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 From: Andy Kramek
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 Andy Kramek
 To: subhankar pandey
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 subhankar pandey
Subject: RE: Create same structure to MDB file
Thread ID: 228476 Message ID: 228495 # Views: 1 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Microsoft Office Automation
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 12:34:58 PM         

> Hi,
> I'm in the process to create a table in MS-Access which suppose to be same structure VFP table. But not save the table in MS-Access. Below is my code:-
> Use MyTable in 0 Excl
> Select MyTable
> gnFieldcount = AFIELDS(gaMyArray)  && Create array
> lcPath=GETFILE('MDB', 'MDB TableName:', 'Create', 1,'Create a New File in Access')
> oAccess=CreateObject("Access.Application")
> oMDB = oAccess.NewCurrentDatabase(lcPath)
> oTable = oAccess.CurrentDb.CreateTableDef(Alias())
> FOR nCount = 1 TO gnFieldcount 
> 	lFldType=IIF(gaMyArray(nCount,2)="C",10,8 )
> 	lfldSize=IIF(gaMyArray(nCount,3)>0,gaMyArray(nCount,3),255 )
> 	loField=oTable.CreateField(gaMyArray(nCount,1), lFLDType, lFLDSize)
> 	oTable.Fields.Append(loField)
> 	oTable.Fields(gaMyArray(nCount,1)).AllowZeroLength = .T.
> oAccess.CurrentDB.TableDefs.Append(oTable)
> oAccess.CurrentDB.TableDefs.Refresh
> Release gaMyArray
> oAccess.Visible=.T.
> Store Null to oaccess,otable,oMDB
> Return

> Am I missing something to save the structure in Ms-Access?
> Thanks in advnace.
> regards
> Subhankar

I don't know much about the Access object model or using Access through automation like you are trying, but I would have thought the easiest way to duplicate a VFP table in Access would be to use the GenDBC utility that ships with VFP to create the SQL Statements needed to re-create the table and then run those statements in Access to create the table.

Andy Kramek
Microsoft MVP (Visual FoxPro)
Tightline Computers Inc, Akron Ohio, USA


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