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 From: Adel Kadi
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 Virginia - United States
 Adel Kadi
 To: Brian Walsh
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 Brian Walsh
Subject: RE: Demo For Application
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Monday, June 18, 2001 6:45:41 PM         

> Adel,
> If you want something quick, then something like this (very rough!) pseudo code might do:
> ********************
> IF NOT FILE license
> &&Will only run the first time the application is run.
> Write Date + XX amount of days to a field, say license.expirydate
> CREATE FILE License2
> IF FILE License AND NOT FILE License2
> MESSAGEBOX("Demo Period Expired")
> &&OK Let the app run, but check the date written to the license file
> IF DATE() > license.expirydate
> DELETE FILE License2
> ********************
> This means that even if the client resets the date on his computer, the application will refuse to start.
> The nice thing about this is that, if your client does purchase your software, then you can send them a "Licensing Executable" which should create the file "license2", and write an expiry date, say, 1/1/2037 to the license1 file.
> Alternatively, you could put a sort of timebomb into a method that creates new records, so that only a certain amount of records can be created.
> The amount of work that you put into the "demoizing" of your app should be proportional to the potential loss of revenue if the customer decides not to be honest.
> Brian.
Hi Brian
thank you very much for giving me this code and i appreciated alot.



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