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 Paul Gibson
Thread ID: 373493 Message ID: 373498 # Views: 54 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Classes and Objects
Date: Friday, March 22, 2013 4:01:16 PM         

> > Hi! How can implement drag scroll into a container like this with jquery (see demo on http://the-taylors.org/jquery.kinetic/) Thanks in advance!
> I would guess it is not easy to get the kind of momentum-based drag-scrolling that is evident on that page using VFPs standard controls. From what I can tell someone has built it into jquery so end-developers can use it fairly easily but you might not be so lucky in VFP.
> One thing that might help is Bernard's recent post about easing: Message ID: 371982 which defines how things are animated/moved.

I have a idea but I have no knowledge to write code when MouseDown get the xy position and MouseUp calculate xy position and move the contents of the container to the calculated position xy (actually, I would need two containers, one inside the other).
I'm looking a scrollbars classes to see the method to move position.
Sorry my bad english, I speak spanish.


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